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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Artistry under oath : biography and the life story of Hephzibah MenuhinKent, J
2015-01-01Australian climate action groups in the deliberative systemRiedy, C; Kent, J
2018-12-01Built environment interventions for human and planetary health: Integrating health in climate change adaptation and mitigationPrior, JH; Connon, ILC; McIntyre, E; Adams, J; Capon, A; Kent, J; Rissel, C; Thomas, LE; Thompson, SM; Westcott, H
2017-04-01Catalysts for transport transitions: Bridging the gap between disruptions and changeKent, J; Dowling, R; Maalsen, S
2016-01-01Community action and climate changeKent, J
2018-01-01Creating ‘healthy built environment’ legislation in Australia; A policy analysisHarris, P; Kent, J; Sainsbury, P; Marie-Thow, A; Baum, F; Friel, S; McCue, P
2017-02-01Crime and crime prevention in an Australian growth centreClancey, G; Kent, J; Lyons, A; Westcott, H
2015-12-15Deliberating on regime destruction in the fossil fuel divestment movementKent, J; Riedy, CJ
2023Evaluation of an innovative Live Strong COVID-mitigating healthcare delivery for adults after starting dialysis in the Northern Territory: A qualitative studyZabeen, S; Eades, A-M; Paolucci, O; Modderman, R; Tonkin, C; Dole, K; Lowah, G; Annesley, K; Kent, J; Coccetti, E; Weldon, A; Jing, M; Roe, D; Jarman, R; Puruntatameri, A-M; Wittkopp, EM; Alum, W; Gaykamangu, TD; Hughes, JT
2021-11-30Exploring the affective dimension of crisis subjects for tertiary students and educators: New resources, insights and approachesLeimbach, T; Kent, J
2016-01Framing health for land-use planning legislation: A qualitative descriptive content analysis.Harris, P; Kent, J; Sainsbury, P; Thow, AM
2018-02-01Including health in environmental assessments of major transport infrastructure projects: A documentary analysisRiley, E; Harris, P; Kent, J; Sainsbury, P; Lane, A; Baum, F
2018-01-01Including health in environmental impact assessments of three mega transport projects in Sydney, Australia: A critical, institutional, analysisHarris, P; Riley, E; Sainsbury, P; Kent, J; Baum, F
2011-12-01Individual responsibility and voluntary action on climate change: Activating agencyKent, J
2019-01-02Meaning work: reworking institutional meanings for environmental governanceRiedy, C; Kent, J; Thompson, N
2020-06-30Ontological Security and Private Car Use in Sydney, AustraliaKent, J
2022-01-01Sustainable Family Transport: A Research AgendaKent, J
2017-06-13Systemic Impacts of Mini-publicsRiedy, CJ; Kent, J
2022-12-14The Affective Dimension of Crisis Subjects: Teaching Environmental Communication through Intersecting CrisesLeimbach, T; Kent, J; Walker, J
2023-01The impact of the built environment on loneliness: A systematic review and narrative synthesis.Bower, M; Kent, J; Patulny, R; Green, O; McGrath, L; Teesson, L; Jamalishahni, T; Sandison, H; Rugel, E