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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2010Application of Artificial Neural Network, Kriging, and Inverse Distance Weighting Models for Estimation of Scour Depth around Bridge Pier with Bed SillHomayoon, R; Keshavarzy, A; Gazni, R
2014Blockage effects on scouring downstream of box culverts under unsteady flowSorourian, S; Keshavarzy, A; Ball, J; Samali, B
Jan-2013Dynamic mechanism of turbulent flow in meandering channels: considerations for deflection angleEsfahani, FS; Keshavarzy, A
Jan-2011Effect of different meander curvatures on spatial variation of coherent turbulent flow structure inside ingoing multi-bend river meandersEsfahani, FS; Keshavarzy, A
Jan-2009Effect of rounded-edge entrance on discharge coefficient of side weir in rectangular channelsHonar, T; Keshavarzy, A
Jan-2010Environmental protection stability of river bed and banks using convex, concave, and linear bed sillsKeshavarzy, A; Khaje Noori, L
Jan-2010Experimental Study of the Effects of Submerged Dikes on the Energy and Momentum Coefficients in Compound ChannelKeshavarzy, A; Valizadeh, M; Ball, JE
Jan-2012FLOW STRUCTURE AND SAFE REGION FOR FISH HABITAT IN RIVERSKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; Moghadam, MK; Mader, H; Kraml, J
Jan-2010How far must trees be cultivated from the edge of the flood plain to provide best river bank protection?Esfahani, FS; Keshavarzy, A
Jan-2012New Equation For Estimation Of Radial Gate DischargeZahedani, M; Keshavarzy, A; Javan, M; Shahrokhnia, M
Jan-2010An optimised water intake with the presence of submerged vanes in irrigation canalsMoghadam, MK; Keshavarzy, A
Jan-2013PIV measurements of coherent turbulent flow structure and bursting process around a scour holeKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; al, FE
Jan-2011Spatial variation of coherent turbulent flow structure inside ingoing multi-bend river meanderKeshavarzy, A; Esfahani, FS; Valentine, EM
Jan-2008Spatio-temporal variation of transition probability of bursting events over the ripples at the bed of open channelMianaei, S; Keshavarzy, A
Jan-2011Stochastic Modelling of Bursting Process at Threshold ConditionsKeshavarzy, A; Mohammadi, G; Ball, JE; Valentine, EM
Jan-2011Stochastic Nature of Flow Turbulence and Sediment Particle Entrainment over the Ripples at the Bed of Open Channel Using Image Processing TechniqueKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; Faruk Bhuiyan
Jan-2013Study of coherent turbulent flow over the ripples using Particle Image VelocimetryKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; al, FE
Jan-2010Study of Flow Structure over the Ripples in the Bed of Open ChannelKeshavarzy, A; Ball, JE; Hedayat, N; Barals, J; Callaos, N; Carrasquero, JV; Chu, HW; Eshraghian, K; Ferrer, J; Fonseca, D; Hashimoto, S; Holmqvist, M; Imai, M; Jastroch, N; Lesso, W; Malpica, F; McEachron, D; Oropeza, A; Pineda, JM; Sanchez, B; Sanchez, M; Savoie, MJ; Tremante, A; Welsch, F; Zinn, CD
Jan-2010Study of near bed stochastic turbulence and sediment entrainment over the ripples at the bed of open channel using image processing techniqueMianaei, S; Keshavarzy, A