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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-01-01A Comparative study on state of charge estimation techniques for Lithium-ion BatteriesAryal, A; Hossain, MJ; Khalilpour, K
2022-03-01A decision support tool for multi-attribute evaluation of demand-side commercial battery storage productsWu, Z; Khalilpour, K; Hämäläinen, RP
2021-09-01A highly carbon-efficient and techno-economically optimized process for the renewable-assisted synthesis of gas to liquid fuels, ammonia, and urea productsZiaei, M; Panahi, M; Fanaei, MA; Rafiee, A; Khalilpour, K
2021-08-01A Practical Load Disaggregation Approach for Monitoring Industrial Users Demand with Limited Data AvailabilityTavakoli, S; Khalilpour, K
2022-12-01Battery and hydrogen-based electric vehicle adoption: A survey of Australian consumers perspectiveLoengbudnark, W; Khalilpour, K; Bharathy, G; Taghikhah, F; Voinov, A
2021-10-14Energy Management and Optimal Planning of a Residential Microgrid with Time-of-Use Electricity TariffsKhezri, R; Mahmoudi, A; Haque, MH; Khalilpour, K
2022-10-01Evaluation of green hydrogen carriers: A multi-criteria decision analysis toolOner, O; Khalilpour, K
-Forecasting the End-of-Life Wind Turbine Material Flow in Australia Under Various Energy Transformation ScenariosAlavi, Z; Khalilpour, K; Florin, N
-Guest editorial: Application of cloud energy storage systems in power systemsMahmoudi, A; Khezri, R; Bidram, A; Khooban, M; Aki, H; Khalilpour, K; Abdeltawab, H; Muyeen, SM
2021-10-05How sustainable is CO2 conversion to ethanol? - A life cycle assessment of a new electrocatalytic carbon utilisation processRojas Sanchez, D; Khalilpour, K; Hoadley, AFA
-Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Energy Consumption in Office Buildings: A Case Study of an Australian University CampusTavakoli, S; Loengbudnark, W; Eklund, M; Voinov, A; Khalilpour, K
2022-01-01Impact of occupant autonomy on satisfaction and building energy efficiencyLoengbudnark, W; Khalilpour, K; Bharathy, G; Voinov, A; Thomas, L
2022-10-15Projecting the levelized cost of large scale hydrogen storage for stationary applicationsAbdin, Z; Khalilpour, K; Catchpole, K
2022-03-01Resilience Analysis of Australian Electricity and Gas Transmission NetworksKumar, SA; Tasnim, M; Basnyat, ZS; Karimi, F; Khalilpour, K
2023-03Robustness analysis of electricity networks against failure or attack: the case of the Australian National Electricity Market (NEM)Wang, W; Karimi, F; Khalilpour, K; Green, D; Varvarigos, M