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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-03-01Current burden of hepatitis C virus infection among injecting drug users: A mini systematic review of prevalence studiesRafiq, SM; Banik, GR; Khan, S; Rashid, H; Khandaker, G
2013-11DC-AC inverter with perspective of common mode and wave-shapingKhan, MNH; Khan, S; Gunawan, TS; Shahid, Z
2014-09Evaluation of Various Leakage Current Paths with Different Switching ConditionsKhan, MNH; Gunawan, TS; Rahman, MT; Khan, S
2019-11-01Feature Affinity-Based Pseudo Labeling for Semi-Supervised Person Re-IdentificationDing, G; Zhang, S; Khan, S; Tang, Z; Zhang, J; Porikli, F
2011-01-01Heteroscedastic transformation models with covariate dependent censoringKhan, S; Shin, Y; Tamer, E
2018-03-01Histopathology, vitellogenin and chemical body burden in mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) sampled from six river sites receiving a gradient of stressorsScott, PD; Coleman, HM; Khan, S; Lim, R; McDonald, JA; Mondon, J; Neale, PA; Prochazka, E; Tremblay, LA; Warne, MSJ; Leusch, FDL
2017Leakage Current Energy Harvesting Application in a Photovoltaic (PV) Panel Transformerless Inverter SystemKhan, M; Khan, S
-Leakage Current Paths in PV Transformer-Less Single-Phase Inverter Topology and Its Mitigation through PWM for SwitchingKhan, MNH; Ahmad, KJ; Khan, S; Hasanuzzaman, M
2019-03-04Managing diabetes at the end of life–a retrospective chart audit of two health providers in Queensland, AustraliaAlqabandi, N; Haywood, A; Kindl, K; Khan, S; Good, P; Hardy, J
1999-12Molecular characterization and in situ localization of a full-length cyclic nucleotide-gated channel in rat brain.Strijbos, PJ; Pratt, GD; Khan, S; Charles, IG; Garthwaite, J
2019-01-01A New Hybrid Image Encryption Algorithm Based on 2D-CA, FSM-DNA Rule Generator, and FSBIKhan, S; Han, L; Lu, H; Butt, KK; Bachira, G; Khan, NU
2014Prospects of Using Platelets as Peripheral Marker to Study the Role of GABA in AutismKhan, S; Fatima-Shad, K; Ghouse, HP
2015-01-01Quality of nursing doctoral education in seven countries: Survey of faculty and students/graduatesKim, MJ; Park, CG; Mckenna, H; Ketefian, S; Park, SH; Klopper, H; Lee, H; Kunaviktikul, W; Gregg, MF; Daly, J; Coetzee, S; Juntasopeepun, P; Murashima, S; Keeney, S; Khan, S
2014-01-01The role of CXC chemokine receptor 2 in Staphylococcus aureus keratitisCole, N; Hume, EBH; Khan, S; Garthwaite, L; Conibear, TCR; Willcox, MDP
2009-01Sex in the city: regulations, rights and responsibilities in SydneyBoydell, S; Crofts, P; Prior, JH; Jakubowicz, AH; Searle, GH; Maginn, PJ; Jones, R; Haslam-Mackenzie, F; Boruff, B; Clifton, J; Giles-Corti, B; Khan, S; Martin, G; Paulin, S; Perkins, T; Shaw, BJ; Tonts, M; Van Niel, K
2019-02-20Systemic corticosteroids for the management of cancer-related breathlessness (dyspnoea) in adultsHaywood, A; Duc, J; Good, P; Khan, S; Rickett, K; Vayne-Bossert, P; Hardy, JR
2018-11Taxpayer Behavior Prediction in SMS CampaignsCao, G; Downes, A; Khan, S; Wong, W; Xu, G
2013-11Wave shaping with reduced leakage current in transformer-less inverterKhan, MNH; Khan, S; Gunawan, TS; Shahid, Z