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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Facebook-based social marketing to reduce smoking in Australia’s First Nations communities: content analysis of reach, shares, and likesHefler, M; Kerrigan, V; Grunseit, A; Freeman, B; Kite, J; Thomas, D
2018From awareness to behaviour: Testing a hierarchy of effects model on the Australian Make Healthy Normal Campaign using mediation.Kite, J; Gale, J; Grunseit, A; Li, V; Bellew, W; Bauman, A
2019Generating engagement on the Make Healthy Normal campaign Facebook page.Kite, J; Grunseit, A; Li, V; Vineburg, J; Berton, N; Bauman, A; Freeman, B
2018Impact of the Make Healthy Normal mass media campaign (Phase 1) on knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.Kite, J; Gale, J; Grunseit, A; Bellew, W; Li, V; Lloyd, B; Maxwell, M; Vineburg, J; Bauman, A
2022-06Influence and effects of weight stigmatisation in media: A systematic.Kite, J; Huang, B-H; Laird, Y; Grunseit, A; McGill, B; Williams, K; Bellew, B; Thomas, M
2015-01-01Out of sight and out of mind? Evaluating the impact of point-of-sale tobacco display bans on smoking-related beliefs and behaviors in a sample of australian adolescents and young adultsDunlop, S; Kite, J; Grunseit, AC; Rissel, C; Perez, DA; Dessaix, A; Cotter, T; Bauman, A; Young, J; Currow, D
2019-09-25Talking about a nanny nation: investigating the rhetoric framing public health debates in Australian news mediaChau, JY; Kite, J; Ronto, R; Bhatti, A; Bonfiglioli, C
-The impact of traditional and new media on smoking intentions and behaviours: A secondary analysis of Tasmania’s tobacco control mass media campaign program, 2019-2021 (Preprint)Kite, J; Grunseit, A; Mitchell, G; Cooper, P; Chan, L; Huang, B-H; Thomas, M; O'Hara, B; Smith, A
2018User perceptions of the Make Healthy Normal campaign Facebook Page: A mixed methods study.Kite, J; McGill, B; Freeman, B; Vineburg, J; Li, V; Berton, N; Grunseit, A
2020Weight stigma and bias – what is known? Rapid review of evidenceGrunseit, A; Bellew, W; Bo-Huei, H; Kite, J; Laird, Y; Thomas, M; Williams, K