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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-01Development and internal validation of prognostic models for recovery in patients with non-specific neck pain presenting in primary careWingbermühle, RW; Chiarotto, A; van Trijffel, E; Koes, B; Verhagen, AP; Heymans, MW
2021-07-01External validation of prognostic models for recovery in patients with neck painWingbermühle, RW; Heymans, MW; van Trijffel, E; Chiarotto, A; Koes, B; Verhagen, AP
2018-01-01Few promising multivariable prognostic models exist for recovery of people with non-specific neck pain in musculoskeletal primary care: a systematic reviewWingbermühle, RW; van Trijffel, E; Nelissen, PM; Koes, B; Verhagen, AP
2023-02Identifying Patient Characteristics Associated With the Occurrence of Post Treatment Non-serious Adverse Events After Cervical Spine Manual Therapy Treatment in Patients With Neck Pain.Peters, R; Schmitt, M; Mutsaers, B; Buyl, R; Verhagen, A; Pool-Goudzwaard, A; Koes, B
2022-10Non-serious adverse events do not influence recovery in patients with neck pain treated with manual therapy; an observational study.Peters, R; van Trijffel, E; van Rosmalen, J; Mutsaers, B; Pool-Goudzwaard, A; Verhagen, A; Koes, B
2018-02-01One question might be capable of replacing the Shoulder Pain and Disability Index (SPADI) when measuring disability: a prospective cohort studyThoomes-de Graaf, M; Scholten-Peeters, W; Karel, Y; Verwoerd, A; Koes, B; Verhagen, A
2017-04-01The responsiveness and interpretability of the shoulder pain and disability indexThoomes-De Graaf, M; Scholten-Peeters, W; Duijn, E; Karel, Y; De Vet, HCW; Koes, B; Verhagen, A
2023-05The Effect of a New Payment System on Physiotherapeutic Management of Patients With Low Back Pain in Primary Care.Bier, J; Verhagen, A; Ostelo, R; Chiarotto, A; Koes, B
2019-08The OMERACT Core Domain Set for Clinical Trials of Shoulder Disorders.Ramiro, S; Page, MJ; Whittle, SL; Huang, H; Verhagen, AP; Beaton, DE; Richards, P; Voshaar, M; Shea, B; van der Windt, DA; Kopkow, C; Lenza, M; Jain, NB; Richards, B; Hill, C; Gill, TK; Koes, B; Foster, NE; Conaghan, PG; Smith, T; Malliaras, P; Roe, Y; Gagnier, JJ; Buchbinder, R