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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2010Advanced midwifery practice or advancing midwifery practice?Smith, RM; Leap, N; Homer, CS
Jan-2008Assistive Care Loop with Electronic Maternity RecordsHoang, DB; Lawrence, EM; Ahmad, N; Balasubramanian Appiah, V; Homer, CS; Foureur, M; Leap, N; IEEE
Jul-2010Developing The Birth Unit Design Spatial Evaluation Tool (Budset) In Australia: A Qualitative StudyFoureur, M; Leap, N; Davis, DL; Forbes, I; Homer, CS
Jan-2007The development of national competency standards for the midwife in AustraliaHomer, CS; Passant, L; Kildea, SV; Pincombe, J; Thorogood, C; Leap, N; Brodie, PM
Sep-2012The 'follow-through' experience in three-year Bachelor of Midwifery programs in Australia: A survey of studentsGray, JE; Leap, N; Sheehy, AD; Homer, CS
Jan-2008From ideal to real: the interface between birth territory and the maternity service organizationBrodie, PM; Leap, N; Fahy, K; Foureur, M; Hastie, C
Sep-2011From social to surgical: historical perspectives on perineal care during labour and birthDahlen, H; Homer, CS; Leap, N; Tracy, SK
4-Feb-2015Group versus conventional antenatal care for women (Intervention)Catling, C; Medley, N; Foureur, M; Ryan, C; Leap, N; Teate, A; Homer, CSE
16-May-2012Group versus conventional antenatal care for women (Review)Homer, CS; Ryan, CL; Leap, N; Foureur, M; Teate, A; Catling, C
Jan-2012Group versus conventional antenatal care for women.Homer, CSE; Ryan, C; Leap, N; Foureur, M; Teate, A; Catling-Paull, CJ
Dec-2016How domesticity dictates behaviour in the birth space: Lessons for designing birth environments in institutions wanting to promote a positive experience of birth.Mondy, T; Fenwick, J; Leap, N; Foureur, M
Jan-2002Identifying the Midwifery Practice Component of Australian Midwifery Education ProgramsLeap, N
Jan-2009'It looks good on paper': Transitions of care between midwives and child and family health nurses in New South WalesHomer, CS; Henry, K; Schmied, V; Kemp, L; Leap, N; Briggs, CJ
Jan-2010Journey To Confidence: Women'S Experiences Of Pain In Labour And Relational Continuity Of CareLeap, N; Sandall, J; Buckland, SS; Huber, U
Jan-2014Methodological insights from a study using video-ethnography to conduct interdisciplinary research in the study of birth unit designHarte, JD; Leap, N; Fenwick, J; Homer, CS; Foureur, M
May-2017Midwifery continuity of carer in an area of high socio-economic disadvantage in London: A retrospective analysis of Albany Midwifery Practice outcomes using routine data (1997-2009).Homer, CS; Leap, N; Edwards, N; Sandall, J
2013Midwives' experiences of becoming CenteringPregnancy facilitators: A pilot study in Sydney, AustraliaTeate, A; Leap, N; Homer, C
Mar-2013Midwives' experiences of becoming CenteringPregnancy facilitators: A pilot study in Sydney, AustraliaTeate, A; Leap, N; Homer, CSE
Oct-2010The Relationship Between Birth Unit Design And Safe, Satisfying Birth: Developing A Hypothetical ModelFoureur, M; Davis, DL; Fenwick, JH; Leap, N; Iedema, RA; Forbes, I; Homer, CS
Jan-2011Relationships - the glue that holds it all together' Midwifery continuity of care and sustainabilityLeap, N; Dahlen, HG; Brodie, PM; Tracy, SK; Thorpe, J; Davies, L; Dallenbach, R; Kensington, M