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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-01-01Assessing the changes in the moisture/dryness of water cavity surfaces in imlili sebkha in southwestern morocco by using machine learning classification in google earth engineHakdaoui, S; Emran, A; Pradhan, B; Qninba, A; El Balla, T; Mfondoum, AHN; Lee, CW; Alamri, AM
2019-05-01Assessment of landslide susceptibility using statistical- and artificial intelligence-based FR-RF integrated model and multiresolution DEMsArabameri, A; Pradhan, B; Rezaei, K; Lee, CW
2019-05-01A collaborative change detection approach on multi-sensor spatial imagery for desertwetland monitoring after a flash flood in Southern MoroccoHakdaoui, S; Emran, A; Pradhan, B; Lee, CW; Fils, SCN
2019-03-01Comparison of different algorithms to map hydrothermal alteration zones using ASTER remote sensing data for polymetallic Vein-Type ore exploration: Toroud-Chahshirin Magmatic Belt (TCMB), north IranNoori, L; Pour, AB; Askari, G; Taghipour, N; Pradhan, B; Lee, CW; Honarmand, M
2020-08-05Earthquake Probability Assessment for the Indian Subcontinent Using Deep Learning.Jena, R; Pradhan, B; Al-Amri, A; Lee, CW; Park, H-J
2019-09-01Evaluating citizen satisfaction and prioritizing their needs based on citizens' complaint dataGhodousi, M; Alesheikh, AA; Saeidian, B; Pradhan, B; Lee, CW
2020-02-01Landsat images and artificial intelligence techniques used to map volcanic ashfall and pyroclastic material following the eruption of Mount Agung, IndonesiaSyifa, M; Kadavi, PR; Lee, CW; Pradhan, B
2020-06-01Machine learning-based and 3d kinematic models for rockfall hazard assessment using LiDAR Data and GISFanos, AM; Pradhan, B; Alamri, A; Lee, CW
2019-01-16Modeling of CO emissions from traffic vehicles using artificial neural networksAzeez, OS; Pradhan, B; Shafri, HZM; Shukla, N; Lee, CW; Rizeei, HM
2020-11-01Novel hybrid intelligence models for flood-susceptibility prediction: Meta optimization of the GMDH and SVR models with the genetic algorithm and harmony searchDodangeh, E; Panahi, M; Rezaie, F; Lee, S; Tien Bui, D; Lee, CW; Pradhan, B