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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018A Lane-based Predictive Model of Downstream Arrival Rates in a Queue Estimation Model Using a Long Short-Term Memory NetworkLee, S; Xie, K; Ngoduy, D; Keyvan-Ekbatani, M; Yang, H; Yoshii, T; Shiomi, Y; Kusakabe, T; Wada, K
2016A novel integrated model for assessing landslide susceptibility mapping using CHAID and AHP pair-wise comparisonAlthuwaynee, OF; Pradhan, B; Lee, S
2019-01-01A review on soil erosion control studiesMoayedi, H; Nazir, R; Foong, LK; Pradhan, B; ElAskary, HM; Lee, S; Heggy, E; Pradhan, B
2021-07A stochastic behaviour model of a personal mobility under heterogeneous low-carbon traffic flowLee, S; Ryu, I; Ngoduy, D; Hoang, NH; Choi, K
2021A System Optimal Speed Advisory Framework for a Network of Connected and Autonomous VehiclesNguyen, CHP; Hoang, NH; Lee, S; Vu, HL
2014-01Addressing the Marine genetic resources issue: Is the debate heading in the wrong direction?Leary, DK; Juniper, SK; Schofield, C; Lee, S; Kwon, MS
2017-06-01Adjunctive herbal medicine therapy for inflammatory bowel disease: A systematic review and meta-analysisKim, S; Lee, BH; Zhang, X; Park, JW; Lee, S; Lee, H
2019-12-01An advanced deep learning approach to real-time estimation of lane-based queue lengths at a signalized junctionLee, S; Xie, K; Ngoduy, D; Keyvan-Ekbatani, M
2017-01-01Advanced multi-nozzle electrospun functionalized titanium dioxide/polyvinylidene fluoride-co-hexafluoropropylene (TiO<inf>2</inf>/PVDF-HFP) composite membranes for direct contact membrane distillationLee, EJ; An, AK; Hadi, P; Lee, S; Woo, YC; Shon, HK
2018-01-15An advanced online monitoring approach to study the scaling behavior in direct contact membrane distillationLee, JG; Jang, Y; Fortunato, L; Jeong, S; Lee, S; Leiknes, TO; Ghaffour, N
2020-03-01Application of convolutional neural networks featuring Bayesian optimization for landslide susceptibility assessmentSameen, MI; Pradhan, B; Lee, S
2016-05-08Application of tubular membranes for surface water treatment: effect of membrane properties and operation modesCho, H; Jang, YS; Jo, Y; Choi, YJ; Lee, S; Choi, Y
2022-01-01Artificial Intelligence an Influential Review: Pandemic ScenarioChauhan, R; Sengupta, A; Yafi, E; Lee, S; Choo, H; Ismail, R
2019-01-01Artificial intelligence and spatial Modelling in natural hazards and environmental applicationsPradhan, B; ElAskary, HM; Lee, S; Heggy, E; Pradhan, B
2019-12-01Australian vegetated coastal ecosystems as global hotspots for climate change mitigationSerrano, O; Lovelock, CE; B. Atwood, T; Macreadie, PI; Canto, R; Phinn, S; Arias-Ortiz, A; Bai, L; Baldock, J; Bedulli, C; Carnell, P; Connolly, RM; Donaldson, P; Esteban, A; Ewers Lewis, CJ; Eyre, BD; Hayes, MA; Horwitz, P; Hutley, LB; Kavazos, CRJ; Kelleway, JJ; Kendrick, GA; Kilminster, K; Lafratta, A; Lee, S; Lavery, PS; Maher, DT; Marbà, N; Masque, P; Mateo, MA; Mount, R; Ralph, PJ; Roelfsema, C; Rozaimi, M; Ruhon, R; Salinas, C; Samper-Villarreal, J; Sanderman, J; J. Sanders, C; Santos, I; Sharples, C; Steven, ADL; Cannard, T; Trevathan-Tackett, SM; Duarte, CM
2013-11-01Bacterial community structure in a biofilter used as a pretreatment for seawater desalinationJeong, S; Bae, H; Naidu, G; Jeong, D; Lee, S; Vigneswaran, S
2021-03-17Big Data Analytics for Prediction Modelling in Healthcare DatabasesChauhan, R; Yafi, E; Lee, S; Choo, H; Ismail, R
2011-07-01Biotoxicity of nanoparticles: Effect of natural organic matterLee, S; Kim, K; Shon, HK; Kim, SD; Cho, J
2012-04-17Blended fertilizers as draw solutions for fertilizer-drawn forward osmosis desalinationPhuntsho, S; Shon, HK; Majeed, T; El Saliby, I; Vigneswaran, S; Kandasamy, J; Hong, S; Lee, S
2012-11-15Boron transport in forward osmosis: Measurements, mechanisms, and comparison with reverse osmosisKim, C; Lee, S; Shon, HK; Elimelech, M; Hong, S