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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017A Tutorial on Hawkes Processes for Events in Social MediaRizoiu, M-A; Lee, Y; Mishra, S; Xie, L; Chang, S-F
2016-03-01Accuracy of mortgage portfolio risk forecasts during financial crisesLee, Y; Rösch, D; Scheule, H
2018-05-24Breathing-Based Authentication on Resource-Constrained IoT Devices using Recurrent Neural NetworksChauhan, J; Seneviratne, S; Hu, Y; Misra, A; Seneviratne, A; Lee, Y
2012-02-01Changes in the sorption and rate of 17β-estradiol biodegradation by dissolved organic matter collected from different water sourcesLee, JH; Zhou, JL; Lee, Y; Oh, SY; Kim, SD
2020-05-18Gym Usage Behavior & Desired Digital InterventionsRadhakrishnan, M; Misra, A; Balan, RK; Lee, Y
2017-05The lure of the city, the possibilities of the village: crowdsourcing graphic designers in IndonesiaCrosby, AL; Cahaya, R; Kung, C; Lam, E; Lee, Y
2015-05-21Magnetic resonance imaging of the pancreas in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats: Gadofluorine P and Gd-DOTA.Cho, HR; Lee, Y; Doble, P; Bishop, D; Hare, D; Kim, Y-J; Kim, KG; Jung, HS; Park, KS; Choi, SH; Moon, WK
2017Making the creation of fashion visibleSgro, DM; Kung, C; Lam, E; Lee, Y
2004-01Ontologies on the MOVEWouters, C; Dillon, TS; Rahayu, W; Chang, E; Meersman, R; Lee, Y; Li, J; Whang, KY; Lee, D
2018-01-01Regularized tensor learning with adaptive one-class support vector machinesAnaissi, A; Lee, Y; Naji, M
2018Smart Monitoring via Participatory BLE RelayingRadhakrishnan, M; Sen, S; Misra, A; Lee, Y; Balan, RK
2015Smartphones & BLE Services: Empirical InsightsRadhakrishnan, M; Misra, A; Balan, RK; Lee, Y
2020-11Systematic credit risk in securitised mortgage portfoliosLee, Y; Rosch, D; Scheule, H
-Topographical Complexities IClifton-Cunningham An; Cho, K; Kim, J; Lee, S; Lee, Y
2016-04-02Treatment Effects With Unobserved Heterogeneity: A Set Identification ApproachJun, SJ; Lee, Y; Shin, Y
2012-01Using Participatory Design Methods to Engage the UninterestedNicholas, M; Hagen, P; Rahilly, K; Swainston, N; Halskov, K; WInschiers-Theophilus, H; Lee, Y; Simonsen, J; Bodker, K