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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-18A highly selective superphane for ReO<inf>4</inf><sup>−</sup> recognition and extractionZhou, W; Li, A; Gale, PA; He, Q
2016-12Adsorption behavior of tetracycline by extracellular polymeric substrates extracted from Klebsiella sp. J1.Li, A; Pi, S; Wei, W; Chen, T; Yang, J; Ma, F
2019-09-01AHL-mediated quorum sensing regulates the variations of microbial community and sludge properties of aerobic granular sludge under low organic loadingChen, H; Li, A; Cui, C; Ma, F; Cui, D; Zhao, H; Wang, Q; Ni, B; Yang, J
2021-06-24Announcing the call for the Special Issue on "The Australian Society for Biophysics (ASB) - 2021 Meeting".Cranfield, C; Whelan, D; Cox, C; Shearwin, K; Ho, J; Allen, T; Shibuya, R; Hibino, E; Hayashi, K; Dos Remedios, C; Li, A
2016-08-12Biosorption of Pb (II) from aqueous solution by extracellular polymeric substances extracted from Klebsiella sp. J1: Adsorption behavior and mechanism assessment.Wei, W; Wang, Q; Li, A; Yang, J; Ma, F; Pi, S; Wu, D
2014-01-01Consensus-based ranking of multivalued objects: A generalized borda count approachZhang, Y; Zhang, W; Pei, J; Lin, X; Lin, Q; Li, A
2009-09-01Continuum topology optimization with non-probabilistic reliability constraints based on multi-ellipsoid convex modelLuo, Y; Kang, Z; Luo, Z; Li, A
2017-10-02Design of a novel high frequency 2-D magnetic tester with nanocrystalline materialLi, A; Li, Y; Zhang, C; Yang, Q; Zhu, J
2019-01-01Fractional central difference Kalman filter with unknown prior informationLiu, T; Cheng, S; Wei, Y; Li, A; Wang, Y
2020-01-01Fully parametric identification for continuous time fractional order Hammerstein systemsWang, J; Wei, Y; Liu, T; Li, A; Wang, Y
2012-05-11General spatial skyline operatorLin, Q; Zhang, Y; Zhang, W; Li, A
2019-01-01High-frequency effects analysis of windings in magnetic properties tester with nanocrystalline coreDou, Y; Li, Y; Zhu, J; Wang, L; Li, A; Zhang, C
2019-12-01Homologous recombination DNA repair defects in PALB2-associated breast cancersLi, A; Geyer, FC; Blecua, P; Lee, JY; Selenica, P; Brown, DN; Pareja, F; Lee, SSK; Kumar, R; Rivera, B; Bi, R; Piscuoglio, S; Wen, HY; Lozada, JR; Gularte-Mérida, R; Cavallone, L; Aghmesheh, M; Amor, D; Andrews, L; Antill, Y; Balleine, R; Beesley, J; Blackburn, A; Bogwitz, M; Brown, M; Burgess, M; Burke, J; Butow, P; Caldon, L; Campbell, I; Christian, A; Clarke, C; Cohen, P; Crook, A; Cui, J; Cummings, M; Dawson, SJ; De Fazio, A; Delatycki, M; Dobrovic, A; Dudding, T; Duijf, P; Edkins, E; Edwards, S; Farshid, G; Fellows, A; Field, M; Flanagan, J; Fong, P; Forbes, J; Forrest, L; Fox, S; French, J; Friedlander, M; Ortega, DG; Gattas, M; Giles, G; Gill, G; Gleeson, M; Greening, S; Haan, E; Harris, M; Hayward, N; Hickie, I; Hopper, J; Hunt, C; James, P; Jenkins, M; Kefford, R; Kentwell, M; Kirk, J; Kollias, J; Lakhani, S; Lindeman, G; Lipton, L; Lobb, L; Lok, S; Macrea, F; Mann, G; Marsh, D; McLachlan, SA; Meiser, B; Milne, R; Nightingale, S; O’Connell, S; Pachter, N; Patterson, B; Phillips, K; Saleh, M; Salisbury, E; Saunders, C; Saunus, J; Scott, C; Scott, R; Sexton, A; Shelling, A; Simpson, P; Spigelman, A; Spurdle, M; Stone, J
2022-03-01HSR: Hyperbolic Social RecommenderLi, A; Yang, B; Hussain, FK; Huo, H
2022-01-01Hyperbolic Neural Collaborative RecommenderLi, A; Yang, B; Huo, H; Chen, H; Xu, G; Wang, Z
2022-04-25Hypercomplex Graph Collaborative FilteringLi, A; Yang, B; Huo, H; Hussain, F
2022-03-10Insight into the generation and consumption mechanism of tightly bound and loosely bound extracellular polymeric substances by mathematical modeling.Xing, L; Yang, J; Ni, B-J; Yang, C; Yuan, C; Li, A
2021-11-01Leveraging implicit relations for recommender systemsLi, A; Yang, B; Huo, H; Hussain, FK
2021Massive Maritime Path Planning: A Contextual Online Learning Approach.Zhou, P; Zhao, W; Li, J; Li, A; Du, W; Wen, S
2006-01-01Mining frequent itemsets for protein kinase regulationChen, Q; Chen, YPP; Zhang, C; Li, A