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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011-06-01An efficient evolutionary algorithm for fuzzy inference systemsLin, CJ; Chen, CH; Lin, CT
2021-08Global digital social learning as a strategy to promote engagement in the era of COVID-19.Davidson, PM; Lin, CJ; Beaman, A; Jackson, D; Reynolds, NR; Padula, WV
2019-01-01A hybrid of fuzzy theory and quadratic function for estimating and refining transmission mapJhang, JY; Lin, CJ; Young, KY; Lin, CT
2011-09-27An immune symbiotic evolution learning for compensatory neural fuzzy networks and its applicationsChen, CH; Lin, CJ; Lin, CT
2010-01-01Multi-objective and prioritized berth allocation in container portsCheong, CY; Tan, KC; Liu, DK; Lin, CJ
2007-12-01A multi-objective evolutionary algorithm for berth allocation in a container portCheong, CY; Lin, CJ; Tan, KC; Liu, DK
2018-10-01Navigation Control of Mobile Robots Using an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Controller Based on Dynamic-group Particle Swarm OptimizationJhang, JY; Lin, CJ; Lin, CT; Young, KY
2012-03-01Nonlinear system control using functional-link-based neuro-fuzzy network model embedded with modified particle swarm optimizerSu, MT; Lin, CT; Hsu, SC; Li, DL; Lin, CJ; Chen, CH
2011-12-01A rule-based symbiotic modified differential evolution for self-organizing neuro-fuzzy systemsSu, MT; Chen, CH; Lin, CJ; Lin, CT
2018-09-14Using AdaBoost-based Multiple Functional Neural Fuzzy Classifiers Fusion for Classification ApplicationsJhang, JY; Lee, CL; Lin, CJ; Lin, CT; Young, KY