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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-May-2018Comparison of reception mechanisms for molecular communication via diffusionAl-Zu'bi, MM; Mohan, AS; Ling, SSH
27-Sep-2011A distributed smart routing scheme for terrestrial sensor networks with hybrid Neural Rough SetsJiang, F; Frater, M; Ling, SSH
1-Apr-2012Electrocardiographic signals and swarm-based support vector machine for hypoglycemia detectionNuryani, N; Ling, SSH; Nguyen, HT
1-Mar-2011Genetic-algorithm-based multiple regression with fuzzy inference system for detection of nocturnal hypoglycemic episodesLing, SSH; Nguyen, HT
26-Dec-2011Identification of hypoglycemic states for patients with T1DM using various parameters derived from EEG signalsNguyen, LB; Ling, SSH; Jones, TW; Nguyen, HT
21-Dec-2016Identification of protein-ligand binding site using multi-clustering and support vector machineWong, GY; Leung, FHF; Ling, SSH
26-Oct-2018Impact of Reactive Obstacle on Molecular Communication between NanomachinesAl-Zurbi, MM; Mohan, AS; Ling, SSH
1-Dec-2011A nature inspired anomaly detection system using multiple detection enginesJiang, F; Ling, SSH; Agbinya, JI
18-Oct-2016Singly-fed shaped planar inverted-F antenna for circular polarizationGozasht, F; Boddupalli, A; Ling, SSH; Mohan, AS
1-Jul-2014Special issue on hybrid intelligent methods for health technologiesLing, SSH; Chan, KY; Palade, V; Dillon, T; Nguyen, HT; Tuan, NN; Chen, X-W
2-Nov-2016Techniques for RF localization of wireless capsule endoscopySanagavarapu Mohan, A; Boddupalli, A; Hossain, MD; Gozasht, F; Ling, SSH