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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01The application of portable microchip electrophoresis for the screening and comparative analysis of synthetic cathinone seizuresLloyd, A; Russell, M; Blanes, L; Somerville, R; Doble, P; Roux, C
2015-07-01Embodied Information PracticesOlsson, MR; Lloyd, A
2019-12-01Enacting and capturing embodied knowledge in the practices of enthusiast car restorers: Emerging themesLloyd, A; Olsson, M
2021-12Hydration and cooling in elite athletes: relationship with performance, body mass loss and body temperatures during the Doha 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships.Racinais, S; Ihsan, M; Taylor, L; Cardinale, M; Adami, PE; Alonso, JM; Bouscaren, N; Buitrago, S; Esh, CJ; Gomez-Ezeiza, J; Garrandes, F; Havenith, G; Labidi, M; Lange, G; Lloyd, A; Moussay, S; Mtibaa, K; Townsend, N; Wilson, MG; Bermon, S
2017-01-18Introduction: Practice theory and the theory of practice architecturesMahon, K; Kemmis, S; Francisco, SL; Lloyd, A
2006-01Judgements during Information Seeing: emerging themes from exploratory study into the concept of enough informationBerryman, JM; Lloyd, A; Pymm, B
2013-05-10Lab-on-a-chip screening of methamphetamine and pseudoephedrine in samples from clandestine laboratoriesLloyd, A; Russell, M; Blanes, L; Doble, P; Roux, C
2019-08-15Mass coral bleaching of P. versipora in Sydney Harbour driven by the 2015–2016 heatwaveGoyen, S; Camp, EF; Fujise, L; Lloyd, A; Nitschke, MR; LaJeunensse, T; Kahlke, T; Ralph, PJ; Suggett, D
2011-07-01A rapid method for the in-field analysis of amphetamines employing the agilent bioanalyzerLloyd, A; Blanes, L; Beavis, A; Roux, C; Doble, P
2023-05-01Thermoregulatory responses during road races in hot-humid conditions at the 2019 Athletics World ChampionshipsAylwin, P; Havenith, G; Cardinale, M; Lloyd, A; Ihsan, M; Taylor, L; Adami, PE; Alhammoud, M; Alonso, J-M; Bouscaren, N; Buitrago, S; Esh, C; Gomez-Ezeiza, J; Garrandes, F; Labidi, M; Lange, G; Moussay, S
2019-12-01Untangling the knot: The information practices of enthusiast car restorersLloyd, A; Olsson, M