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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015-01-01Inflammatory bowel disease in young patients: Challenges faced by black and minority ethnic communities in the UKAlexakis, C; Nash, A; Lloyd, M; Brooks, F; Lindsay, JO; Poullis, A
2018-10-01A laboratory competency examination in microbiologyWang, JTH; Huston, WM; Johanesen, P; Lloyd, M; Waller, KL
2023-07Long-term cost-effectiveness of implementing a lifestyle intervention during pregnancy to reduce the incidence of gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes.Lloyd, M; Morton, J; Teede, H; Marquina, C; Abushanab, D; Magliano, DJ; Callander, EJ; Ademi, Z
2022-09-01Projected Return on Investment From Implementation of a Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes.Lloyd, M; Teede, H; Bailey, C; Callander, E; Ademi, Z
2023-04Scaling of Activity Space in Marine Organisms across Latitudinal Gradients.Udyawer, V; Huveneers, C; Jaine, F; Babcock, RC; Brodie, S; Buscot, M-J; Campbell, HA; Harcourt, RG; Hoenner, X; Lédée, EJI; Simpfendorfer, CA; Taylor, MD; Armstrong, A; Barnett, A; Brown, C; Bruce, B; Butcher, PA; Cadiou, G; Couturier, LIE; Currey-Randall, L; Drew, M; Dudgeon, CL; Dwyer, RG; Espinoza, M; Ferreira, LC; Fowler, A; Harasti, D; Harborne, AR; Knott, NA; Lee, K; Lloyd, M; Lowry, M; Marzullo, T; Matley, J; McAllister, JD; McAuley, R; McGregor, F; Meekan, M; Mills, K; Norman, BM; Oh, B; Payne, NL; Peddemors, V; Piddocke, T; Pillans, RD; Reina, RD; Rogers, P; Semmens, JM; Smoothey, A; Speed, CW; van der Meulen, D; Heupel, MR