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2023-02Carer preparedness improved by providing a supportive educational intervention for carers of patients with high-grade glioma: RCT results.Halkett, GKB; Lobb, EA; Phillips, JL; McDougall, E; Clarke, J; Campbell, R; Dhillon, HM; McGeechan, K; Hudson, P; King, A; Wheeler, H; Kastelan, M; Long, A; Nowak, AK; Care-IS Project Team,
2019-04-01Culturally and linguistically diverse palliative care patients' journeys at the end-of-lifeGreen, A; Jerzmanowska, N; Thristiawati, S; Green, M; Lobb, EA
2018-09-01‘Death is difficult in any language’: A qualitative study of palliative care professionals’ experiences when providing end-of-life care to patients from culturally and linguistically diverse backgroundsGreen, A; Jerzmanowska, N; Green, M; Lobb, EA
2015-01-01Living with advanced cancer and an uncertain disease trajectory: An emerging patient population in palliative care?Lobb, EA; Lacey, J; Kearsley, J; Liauw, W; White, L; Hosie, A
2017-12-01Patient-centered family meetings in palliative care: A quality improvement project to explore a new model of family meetings with patients and families at the end of lifeSanderson, CR; Cahill, PJ; Phillips, JL; Johnson, A; Lobb, EA
2021Patients Receiving Palliative Care and Their Families' Experiences of Participating in a "Patient-Centered Family Meeting": A Qualitative Substudy of the Valuing Opinions, Individual Communication, and Experience Feasibility Trial.Cahill, PJ; Lobb, EA; Sanderson, CR; Phillips, JL
2021-06Patients', caregivers' and clinicians' understandings of an advance care planning process: the example of ambulance palliative care plans.Lobb, EA; Rao, A; Sanderson, C
2015-01-01Protocol for the Care-IS Trial: A randomised controlled trial of a supportive educational intervention for carers of patients with high-grade glioma (HGG)Halkett, GKB; Lobb, EA; Miller, L; Phillips, JL; Shaw, T; Moorin, R; Long, A; King, A; Clarke, J; Fewster, S; Hudson, P; Agar, M; Nowak, AK
2017-02-01Sleep disturbances in caregivers of patients with advanced cancer: A systematic review.Maltby, KF; Sanderson, CR; Lobb, EA; Phillips, JL
2020-04-07"Standing Shoulder to Shoulder to Tell the Family What Was Really Going On": A Qualitative Study Exploring Palliative Care Clinicians' Perceptions of "Patient-Centered Family Meetings".Cahill, PJ; Lobb, EA; Sanderson, CR; Phillips, JL
2020-10-20The Development of the Australian National Palliative Care Clinical Studies Collaborative "Integrating Qualitative Research into Clinical Trials Framework".Philip, J; Collins, A; Phillips, J; Luckett, T; Morgan, DD; Lobb, EA; DiGiacomo, M; Kochovska, S; Brown, L; Currow, DC
2019-12-01‘Through the eyes of the dying’—Identifying who may benefit from bereavement follow-up: A qualitative studyPhillips, JL; Lobb, EA; Bellemore, F; Hays, T; Currow, DC
2021-12To be mortal is human: professional consensus around the need for more psychology in palliative care.Sansom-Daly, UM; Lobb, EA; Evans, HE; Breen, LJ; Ugalde, A; Best, M; Zomerdijk, N; Beasley, EA; Taylor, KL; Clayton, J; Sharpe, L; Bartula, I; Olver, I; PoCoG End of Life Care Special Interest Group,
2018-04-25The VOICE Study: Valuing Opinions, Individual Communication and Experience: Building the evidence base for undertaking Patient-Centred Family Meetings in palliative care - a mixed methods studyCahill, PJ; Sanderson, CR; Lobb, EA; Phillips, JL
2017-03-01What is the evidence for conducting palliative care family meetings? A systematic reviewCahill, PJ; Lobb, EA; Sanderson, C; Phillips, JL