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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-06-08Adrift websiteLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K; DeFreitas, K; Ricciardiello, T
2006-01Akrasia, ethics and design educationStewart, SC; Lorber-Kasunic, J
-Durational Book: Chapter 1Sadokierski, ZA; Caines, C; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Heyward, ME; ISEA2013, AC
2018-01-01Graphic criticism and the material possibilities of digital textsLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K
2021-12-31Historio-graphic: Knowledge design methods for interpreting documentsBurdick, A; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K; Biber, K; Devii Vaughan, P; Luker, T
2004-01Looking for Limits in a World of ExcessRoxburgh, MW; Lorber-Kasunic, J
2014-01Mapping Hybrid Design Participation in SydneyCrosby, AL; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Vanni Accarigi, I; Widiastuti, I; Indraprastha, A; Firmansyah
2020-06-22Marine Microbial JourneysSweetapple, K; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Ricciardiello, T; De Freitas, K; Jateff, E
2015SustainmentLorber-Kasunic, J; Crosby, A; Edwards, C
2023-10-22The Good Life: visualizing the complexity of supported living for people with disabilitySweetapple, K; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Hibberd, G
2014Value the Edge: Permaculture as Counterculture in AustraliaVanni Accarigi, I; Crosby, A; Lorber-Kasunic, J
2015-08-28Visualising text-based data: Identifying the potential of visual knowledge production through design practiceLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K
2015Visualising texts: a design practice approach to humanities dataLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K; Maragiannis, A
2015-07-31Visualizing Text Creation: Patterns and PresentationLorber-Kasunic, J; Sweetapple, K
2006-01What things know: Exhibiting animism as artefact-based design researchTonkinwise, C; Lorber-Kasunic, J; Biggs, M