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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018-03-01Advocacy, support and survivorship in prostate cancerDunn, J; Casey, C; Sandoe, D; Hyde, MK; Cheron-Sauer, MC; Lowe, A; Oliffe, JL; Chambers, SK
2018-04-01Experiences of Australian men diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer: A qualitative studyChambers, SK; Hyde, MK; Laurie, K; Legg, M; Frydenberg, M; Davis, ID; Lowe, A; Dunn, J
2017-01Financial toxicity: a potential side effect of prostate cancer treatment among Australian men.Gordon, LG; Walker, SM; Mervin, MC; Lowe, A; Smith, DP; Gardiner, RA; Chambers, SK
2016-07-01Measuring masculinity in the context of chronic diseaseChambers, SK; Hyde, MK; Oliffe, JL; Zajdlewicz, L; Lowe, A; Wootten, AC; Dunn, J
2016-03Medical Help-Seeking for Sexual Concerns in Prostate Cancer Survivors.Hyde, MK; Zajdlewicz, L; Wootten, AC; Nelson, CJ; Lowe, A; Dunn, J; Chambers, SK
2017-03Men's help-seeking in the first year after diagnosis of localised prostate cancer.Hyde, MK; Newton, RU; Galvão, DA; Gardiner, RA; Occhipinti, S; Lowe, A; Wittert, GA; Chambers, SK
2016-08-10Robust Sub-Monolayers of Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> Nano-Islands: A Highly Transparent Morphology for Efficient Water Oxidation CatalysisLiu, G; Karuturi, SK; Simonov, AN; Fekete, M; Chen, H; Nasiri, N; Le, NH; Reddy Narangari, P; Lysevych, M; Gengenbach, TR; Lowe, A; Tan, HH; Jagadish, C; Spiccia, L; Tricoli, A
2019-01-01The validity of the Distress Thermometer in female partners of men with prostate cancerHyde, MK; Zajdlewicz, L; Lazenby, M; Dunn, J; Laurie, K; Lowe, A; Chambers, SK
2017-06What does it cost Medicare to diagnose and treat men with localized prostate cancer in the first year?Mervin, MC; Lowe, A; Gardiner, RA; Smith, DP; Aitken, J; Chambers, SK; Gordon, LG