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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020A Common Grounded Type Dual Mode Five-Level Transformerless Inverter for Photovoltaic ApplicationsKhan, MNH; Siwakoti, YP; Scott, M; Li, L; Khan, SA; Lu, DD-C; Barzegarkhoo, R; Sidorski, F; Blaabjerg, F; Hasan, SU
2021-02-26A Comprehensive Study of Orthogonal Signal Generation Schemes for Single Phase SystemsGautam, S; Hassan, W; Bhatta, A; Lu, DD-C; Xiao, W
2020A Disturbance Rejection-Based Control Strategy for Five-Level T-Type Hybrid Power Converters With Ripple Voltage Estimation Capability.Khan, SA; Guo, Y; Siwakoti, YP; Lu, DD-C; Zhu, J
2021-01-01A Method of Seamless Transitions Between Different Operating Modes for Three-Port DC-DC ConvertersAljarajreh, H; Lu, DD-C; Siwakoti, YP; Aguilera, RP; Tse, CK
2024-02-02A New Four-Port Dual-Input Dual-Output Quadratic DC-DC Boost Converter (FPQBC) with High GainAlam, MM; Shaw, P; Lu, DD-C; Siwakoti, YP
2020-06-25A Novel High Step-up Three-Port Bidirectional DC/DC Converter for PV-Battery Integrated SystemAl-Soeidat, M; Khawaldeh, H; Lu, DD-C; Zhu, J
2022-12Accurate, Fast and Power Efficient PV Emulator Based on Hybrid Passive and Active CircuitsKhawaldeh, HA; Al-Soeidat, M; Lu, DD-C; Li, L
2022-08-06An Enhanced Time-Delay-Based Reference Current Identification Method for Single-Phase SystemGautam, S; Lu, Y; Taghizadeh, S; Xiao, W; Lu, DD-C
2024-03-19Design Considerations for Virtual Impedance and Virtual Synchronous Generators in Inverter-Based GeneratorsAlmatrafi, N; Lu, DD-C; Li, L; Aljarajreh, H
2022-01-01Development of Frequency-Fixed All-Pass Filter based Single-Phase Phase-Locked LoopGautam, S; Xiao, W; Lu, DD-C; Ahmed, H; Guerrero, JM
2021-01-01Efficiency Improvement Scheme for PV Emulator Based on a Physical Equivalent PV-Cell ModelKhawaldeh, HA; Al-Soeidat, M; Farhangi, M; Lu, DD-C; Li, L
2019-11Electro-Thermal Modeling of a Boost Converter Considering Device Self-heatingCheng, T; Lu, DD-C; Siwakoti, Y
2023-01Enhanced Voltage Regulation for PV Power Conversion Using Quasi-Proportional Resonant Extended State ObserverLu, Y; Xiao, W; Lu, DD-C
2022-02-16Evaluation of Thermal Performance of Three-Phase Systems With Zero Sequence InjectionCheng, T; Aguilera, RP; Lu, DD-C; Siwakoti, YP
2019-07-01Experimental study of PV strings affected by cracksCheng, T; Al-Soeidat, M; Lu, DD-C; Agelidis, VG
2023-01Improved Voltage Regulation of PV System With Current-Sensorless Active Damping TechniqueLu, Y; Xiao, W; Lu, DD-C
2019-11Performance Enhancement of High Step-up DC-DC Converter to Attain High Efficiency and Low Voltage StressHassan, W; Hasan, R; Lu, DD-C; Xiao, W; Soon, JL
2023-01-01Reliability Assessment of Selected DC/DC Boost-Converter-Based Multiport Converter TopologiesLu, DD-C; Aljarajreh, H; Hassan, W
2021-11-16Review of Battery Balancing Techniques based on Structure and Control StrategyAlam, MM; Lu, DD-C; Aguilera, RP
2023-07-11Virtual Vectors Based Model Predictive Control for Single-Phase Cascaded H-Bridge ConvertersHe, T; Zhang, W; Wu, M; Lu, DD-C; Zhu, J