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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022A Supervised ML Applied Classification Model for Brain Tumors MRI.Yu, Z; He, Q; Yang, J; Luo, M
2017-01-01Adaptive semi-supervised learning with discriminative least squares regressionLuo, M; Zhang, L; Nie, F; Chang, X; Qian, B; Zheng, Q; Sierra, C
2018-02-01An Adaptive Semisupervised Feature Analysis for Video Semantic RecognitionLuo, M; Chang, X; Nie, L; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Zheng, Q
2018-04-01Adaptive Unsupervised Feature Selection with Structure RegularizationLuo, M; Nie, F; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Zheng, Q
2022-03-10Asynchronous Fault Detection for Memristive Neural Networks With Dwell-Time-Based Communication Protocol.Lin, A; Cheng, J; Rutkowski, L; Wen, S; Luo, M; Cao, J
2016-01-01Avoiding optimal mean robust PCA/2DPCA with non-greedy ℓ<inf>1</inf>-norm maximizationLuo, M; Nie, F; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, A; Zheng, Q
2017-04-01Avoiding optimal mean ℓ<inf>2,1</inf>-norm maximization-based robust PCA for reconstructionLuo, M; Nie, F; Chang, X; Yang, Y; Hauptmann, AG; Zheng, Q
2016-07-01Breakaway oxidation behaviour of ferritic stainless steels at 1150 °C in humid airCheng, X; Jiang, Z; Monaghan, BJ; Wei, D; Longbottom, RJ; Zhao, J; Peng, J; Luo, M; Ma, L; Luo, S; Jiang, L
2023Collaborative Contrastive Refining for Weakly Supervised Person Search.Jia, C; Luo, M; Yan, C; Zhu, L; Chang, X; Zheng, Q
2023-01-01Counterfactual Generation Framework for Few-Shot LearningDang, Z; Luo, M; Jia, C; Yan, C; Chang, X; Zheng, Q
2018-05-01Deep semisupervised zero-shot learning with maximum mean discrepancyZhang, L; Liu, J; Luo, M; Chang, X; Zheng, Q
2022-04-14Design of Electronic Nose Detection System for Apple Quality Grading Based on Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation and K-Nearest Neighbor Support Vector Machine.Zou, X; Wang, C; Luo, M; Ren, Q; Liu, Y; Zhang, S; Bai, Y; Meng, J; Zhang, W; Su, SW
2019-09-01Discrete Multi-Graph ClusteringLuo, M; Yan, C; Zheng, Q; Chang, X; Chen, L; Nie, F
2015-09-03Effect of Extreme Pressure Additives on the Deformation Behavior of Oxide Scale during the Hot Rolling of Ferritic Stainless Steel StripsHao, L; Jiang, Z; Cheng, X; Zhao, J; Wei, D; Jiang, L; Luo, S; Luo, M; Ma, L
2015-01-01Effect of extreme pressure agents on the anti-scratch behaviour of high-speed steel materialHao, L; Jiang, Z; Wei, D; Zhao, Y; Zhao, J; Luo, M; Ma, L; Luo, S; Jiang, L
2009-01-01Expression, imprinting, and evolution of rice homologs of the polycomb group genesLuo, M; Platten, D; Chaudhury, A; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES
2020-12-01Few-shot activity recognition with cross-modal memory networkZhang, L; Chang, X; Liu, J; Luo, M; Prakash, M; Hauptmann, AG
2003-05-16FNS is not isomorphic to FTSLi, S; Luo, M
2023-10-06FULLER: Unified Multi-modality Multi-task 3D Perception via Multi-level Gradient CalibrationHuang, Z; Lin, S; Liu, G; Luo, M; Ye, C; Xu, H; Chang, X; Liang, X
2003-02-01Generalized Lowen functorsLi, S; Luo, M