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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-11-11Accelerating retail supply chain performance against pandemic disruption: adopting resilient strategies to mitigate the long-term effectsSharma, M; Luthra, S; Joshi, S; Kumar, A
2022-05-24Analysing the impact of sustainable human resource management practices and industry 4.0 technologies adoption on employability skillsSharma, M; Luthra, S; Joshi, S; Kumar, A
-Assessing Supply Chain Innovations for Building Resilient Food Supply Chains: An Emerging Economy PerspectiveJoshi, S; Sharma, M; Ekren, BY; Kazancoglu, Y; Luthra, S; Prasad, M
2022-01-01Developing a framework for enhancing survivability of sustainable supply chains during and post-COVID-19 pandemicSharma, M; Luthra, S; Joshi, S; Kumar, A
2023-01-10Green logistics driven circular practices adoption in industry 4.0 Era: A moderating effect of institution pressure and supply chain flexibilitySharma, M; Luthra, S; Joshi, S; Kumar, A; Jain, A
2022-09-23Impact of Digital Assistant Attributes on Millennials' Purchasing Intentions: A Multi-Group Analysis using PLS-SEM, Artificial Neural Network and fsQCA.Sharma, M; Joshi, S; Luthra, S; Kumar, A
2021-01-01Implementing challenges of artificial intelligence: Evidence from public manufacturing sector of an emerging economySharma, M; Luthra, S; Joshi, S; Kumar, A
2022-01-01Managing disruptions and risks amidst COVID-19 outbreaks: role of blockchain technology in developing resilient food supply chainsSharma, M; Joshi, S; Luthra, S; Kumar, A
2021-02Modelling of supply chain disruption analytics using an integrated approach: An emerging economy exampleMithun Ali, S; Paul, SK; Chowdhury, P; Agarwal, R; Mohammad Fathollahi-Fard, A; Jose Chiappetta Jabbour, C; Luthra, S
2022-01Overcoming barriers to cross-sector collaboration in circular supply chain management: a multi-method approachLuthra, S; Sharma, M; Kumar, A; Joshi, S; Collins, E; Mangla, S
2023-05Psychological well-being of young adults during COVID-19 pandemic: Lesson learned and future research agenda.Luthra, S; Agrawal, S; Kumar, A; Sharma, M; Joshi, S; Kumar, J
2023-03Strategic drivers to overcome the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic: implications for ensuring resilience in supply chainsMoktadir, MA; Paul, SK; Kumar, A; Luthra, S; Ali, SM; Sultana, R