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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010-05-01Biomass production and allocation in Jatropha curcas L. seedlings under different levels of drought stressAchten, WMJ; Maes, WH; Reubens, B; Mathijs, E; Singh, VP; Verchot, L; Muys, B
2018-12-01Can UAV-based infrared thermography be used to study plant-parasite interactions between mistletoe and Eucalypt trees?Maes, WH; Huete, AR; Avino, M; Boer, MM; Dehaan, R; Pendall, E; Griebel, A; Steppe, K
2017-04-01Capacitive water release and internal leaf water relocation delay drought-induced cavitation in African Maesopsis eminiiEpila, J; De Baerdemaeker, NJF; Vergeynst, LL; Maes, WH; Beeckman, H; Steppe, K
2009-10-01Climatic growing conditions of Jatropha curcas L.Maes, WH; Trabucco, A; Achten, WMJ; Muys, B
2011-12-10Does energy dissipation increase with ecosystem succession? Testing the ecosystem exergy theory combining theoretical simulations and thermal remote sensing observationsMaes, WH; Pashuysen, T; Trabucco, A; Veroustraete, F; Muys, B
2014-01-01Early detection of Psa infection in kiwifruit by means of infrared thermography at leaf and orchard scaleMaes, WH; Minchin, PEH; Snelgar, WP; Steppe, K
2012-08-01Estimating evapotranspiration and drought stress with ground-based thermal remote sensing in agriculture: A reviewMaes, WH; Steppe, K
2011-05-15Monitoring stomatal conductance of Jatropha curcas seedlings under different levels of water shortage with infrared thermographyMaes, WH; Achten, WMJ; Reubens, B; Muys, B
2011-02-01More than biofuel? Jatropha curcas root system symmetry and potential for soil erosion controlReubens, B; Achten, WMJ; Maes, WH; Danjon, F; Aerts, R; Poesen, J; Muys, B
2016-10-15A new wet reference target method for continuous infrared thermography of vegetationsMaes, WH; Baert, A; Huete, AR; Minchin, PEH; Snelgar, WP; Steppe, K
2017-05-01Optimizing the processing of UAV-based thermal imageryMaes, WH; Huete, AR; Steppe, K
2017-03-01Plant measurements on African tropical Maesopsis eminii seedlings contradict pioneering water use behaviourEpila, J; Maes, WH; Verbeeck, H; Van Camp, J; Okullo, JBL; Steppe, K
2009-10-01Plant-water relationships and growth strategies of Jatropha curcas L. seedlings under different levels of drought stressMaes, WH; Achten, WMJ; Reubens, B; Raes, D; Samson, R; Muys, B