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2023-03-28Blockade of ROS production inhibits oncogenic signaling in acute myeloid leukemia and amplifies response to precision therapies.Germon, ZP; Sillar, JR; Mannan, A; Duchatel, RJ; Staudt, D; Murray, HC; Findlay, IJ; Jackson, ER; McEwen, HP; Douglas, AM; McLachlan, T; Schjenken, JE; Skerrett-Byrne, DA; Huang, H; Melo-Braga, MN; Plank, MW; Alvaro, F; Chamberlain, J; De Iuliis, G; Aitken, RJ; Nixon, B; Wei, AH; Enjeti, AK; Huang, Y; Lock, RB; Larsen, MR; Lee, H; Vaghjiani, V; Cain, JE; de Bock, CE; Verrills, NM; Dun, MD
2020-12Shwachman-Bodian-Diamond syndrome (SBDS) protein is a direct inhibitor of protein phosphatase 2A (PP2A) activity and overexpressed in acute myeloid leukaemia.Dun, MD; Mannan, A; Rigby, CJ; Butler, S; Toop, HD; Beck, D; Connerty, P; Sillar, J; Kahl, RGS; Duchatel, RJ; Germon, Z; Faulkner, S; Chi, M; Skerrett-Byrne, D; Murray, HC; Flanagan, H; Almazi, JG; Hondermarck, H; Nixon, B; De Iuliis, G; Chamberlain, J; Alvaro, F; de Bock, CE; Morris, JC; Enjeti, AK; Verrills, NM
2018-01-01Tribological performance of DLC/DLC and steel/DLC contacts in the presence of additivated oilMannan, A; Sabri, MFM; Kalam, A; Hassan, MH
2017-01-01Tribological properties of hydrogen free DLC in self-mated contacts against ZDDP-added oilMannan, A; Sabri, MFM; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH
2019-01-01Tribological properties of steel/steel, steel/DLC and DLC/DLC contacts in the presence of biodegradable oilMannan, A; Sabri, MFM; Kalam, MA; Masjuki, HH