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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-20185G Ultradense Networks with Nonuniform Distributed UsersGe, X; Mao, G; Zhong, Y
1-Jan-2013Analysis of the uplink maximum achievable rate with location-dependent intercell signal interference factors based on linear wyner modelZhang, J; Ge, X; Li, Z; Mao, G; Yang, Y
21-Aug-2013Analytical characterization of computationally efficient localization techniquesMotevallian, SA; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Oct-2017Approximation Algorithms for Charging Reward Maximization in Rechargeable Sensor Networks via a Mobile ChargerLiang, W; Xu, Z; Xu, W; Shi, J; Mao, G; Das, SK
23-Feb-2016Approximation of uplink inter-cell interference in FDMA small cell networksDing, M; Lopez-Perez, D; Mao, G; Lin, Z
25-Jun-2014A belief propagation approach for distributed user association in heterogeneous networksChen, Y; Li, J; Chen, HH; Lin, Z; Mao, G; Cai, J
1-Jan-2014Capacity of large wireless networks with generally distributed nodesMao, G; Anderson, BD
1-Jan-2013A capacity upper bound for large wireless networks with generally distributed nodesMao, G; Lin, Z; Zhang, W
20-Feb-2013Connectivity of large wireless networks under a general connection modelMao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Jun-2012Connectivity of large-scale CSMA networksYang, T; Mao, G; Zhang, W
22-Dec-2016Cooperative content offoading through wifi and mobile device-To-device networksMao, G; Tao, X
1-Aug-2013Cooperative energy efficiency modeling and performance analysis in co-channel interference cellular networksZhang, J; Yang, X; Yao, Q; Ge, X; Jo, M; Mao, G
18-Oct-2013Cooperative spectrum sharing in wireless ad-hoc networksZhai, C; Zhang, W; Mao, G
22-Feb-2013Critical density for connectivity in 2D and 3D wireless multi-hop networksNg, SC; Mao, G; Anderson, BDO
1-Jun-2015Energy-efficient broadcast in mobile networks subject to channel randomnessMao, G; Anderson, BDO
7-Dec-2017Energy-efficient scheduling for buffer-aided relaying with opportunistic spectral access (invited paper)Yang, Y; Wang, K; Chen, W; Zhou, MT; Mao, G
10-Apr-2014Estimating distances via connectivity in wireless sensor networksHuang, B; Yu, C; Anderson, BDO; Mao, G
1-Dec-2017Guest Editorial: Selected Papers from the 23rd ITS World Congress, Melbourne 2016Qu, X; Mao, G
1-Jan-2016Joint caching placement and user association for minimizing user download delayWang, Y; Tao, X; Zhang, X; Mao, G
1-May-2012Multi-hop connectivity probability in infrastructure-based vehicular networksMao, G