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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-28A Qualitative Analysis of Motivators to Participation in Suicide-Focused Research from a Community-Based Australian SampleRheinberger, D; Shand, F; Mok, K; McGillivray, L; Maple, M; Burnett, A; Sharwood, LN; Chen, NA; Torok, M
2015-01-01The fly-in fly-out and drive-in drive-out model of health care service provision for rural and remote Australia: Benefits and disadvantagesHussain, R; Maple, M; Hunter, SV; Mapedzahama, V; Reddy, P
2016-01-01Holding on to hope: A review of the literature exploring missing persons, hope and ambiguous lossWayland, S; Maple, M; McKay, K; Glassock, G
2020-04Invisible wounds and suicide: Moral injury and veteran mental health.Jamieson, N; Usher, K; Maple, M; Ratnarajah, D
2021-08-29Mental health, climate change, and bushfires: What's colonization got to do with it?Upward, K; Saunders, V; Maple, M; Usher, K
2020-12Military moral injury: A concept analysis.Jamieson, N; Maple, M; Ratnarajah, D; Usher, K
2021-06-11Prevalence of Suicide Thoughts and Behaviours among Female Garment Workers Who Survived the Rana Plaza Collapse: An In-Depth Inquiry.Kabir, H; Maple, M; Islam, MS; Usher, K
2021-02The 2019-20 bushfires and COVID-19: The ongoing impact on the mental health of people living in rural and farming communities.Usher, K; Ranmuthugala, G; Maple, M; Durkin, J; Douglas, L; Coffey, Y; Bhullar, N
2021-04The impact of COVID-19 on Bangladeshi readymade garment (RMG) workers.Kabir, H; Maple, M; Usher, K
2016-04Those who walk awayWayland, S; McKay, K; Maple, M