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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-03A novel combination therapy targeting ubiquitin-specific protease 5 in MYCN-driven neuroblastomaCheung, BB; Kleynhans, A; Mittra, R; Kim, PY; Holien, JK; Nagy, Z; Ciampa, OC; Seneviratne, JA; Mayoh, C; Raipuria, M; Gadde, S; Massudi, H; Wong, IPL; Tan, O; Gong, A; Suryano, A; Diakiw, SM; Liu, B; Arndt, GM; Liu, T; Kumar, N; Sangfelt, O; Zhu, S; Norris, MD; Haber, M; Carter, DR; Parker, MW; Marshall, GM
2016-08-09A novel compound which sensitizes BRAF wild-type melanoma cells to vemurafenib in a TRIM16-dependent manner.Sutton, SK; Carter, DR; Kim, P; Tan, O; Arndt, GM; Zhang, XD; Baell, J; Noll, BD; Wang, S; Kumar, N; McArthur, GA; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM
2016-08-09A novel compound which sensitizes BRAF wild-type melanoma cells to vemurafenib in a TRIM16-dependent manner.Sutton, SK; Carter, DR; Kim, P; Tan, O; Arndt, GM; Zhang, XD; Baell, J; Noll, BD; Wang, S; Kumar, N; McArthur, GA; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM
2023-04-03A novel transcriptional signature identifies T-cell infiltration in high-risk paediatric cancer.Mayoh, C; Gifford, AJ; Terry, R; Lau, LMS; Wong, M; Rao, P; Shai-Hee, T; Saletta, F; Khuong-Quang, D-A; Qin, V; Mateos, MK; Meyran, D; Miller, KE; Yuksel, A; Mould, EVA; Bowen-James, R; Govender, D; Senapati, A; Zhukova, N; Omer, N; Dholaria, H; Alvaro, F; Tapp, H; Diamond, Y; Pozza, LD; Moore, AS; Nicholls, W; Gottardo, NG; McCowage, G; Hansford, JR; Khaw, S-L; Wood, PJ; Catchpoole, D; Cottrell, CE; Mardis, ER; Marshall, GM; Tyrrell, V; Haber, M; Ziegler, DS; Vittorio, O; Trapani, JA; Cowley, MJ; Neeson, PJ; Ekert, PG
2021-03-25An ALYREF-MYCN coactivator complex drives neuroblastoma tumorigenesis through effects on USP3 and MYCN stabilityNagy, Z; Seneviratne, JA; Kanikevich, M; Chang, W; Mayoh, C; Venkat, P; Du, Y; Jiang, C; Salib, A; Koach, J; Carter, DR; Mittra, R; Liu, T; Parker, MW; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM
2020-10Combination therapy with the CDK7 inhibitor and the tyrosine kinase inhibitor exerts synergistic anticancer effects against MYCN-amplified neuroblastoma.Tee, AE; Ciampa, OC; Wong, M; Fletcher, JI; Kamili, A; Chen, J; Ho, N; Sun, Y; Carter, DR; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM; Liu, PY; Liu, T
2018-03-19Delineation of the frequency and boundary of chromosomal copy number variations in paediatric neuroblastomaHo, N; Peng, H; Mayoh, C; Liu, PY; Atmadibrata, B; Marshall, GM; Li, J; Liu, T
2019-11-01Drugging MYCN oncogenic signaling through the MYCN-PA2G4 binding interfaceKoach, J; Holien, JK; Massudi, H; Carter, DR; Ciampa, OC; Herath, M; Lim, T; Seneviratne, JA; Milazzo, G; Murray, JE; McCarroll, JA; Liu, B; Mayoh, C; Keenan, B; Stevenson, BW; Gorman, MA; Bell, JL; Doughty, L; Hüttelmaier, S; Oberthuer, A; Fischer, M; Gifford, AJ; Liu, T; Zhang, X; Zhu, S; Gustafson, WC; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Fletcher, JI; Perini, G; Parker, MW; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM
2003-03-01Function of a genetically modified human liver cell line that stores, processes and secretes insulinTuch, BE; Szymanska, B; Yao, M; Tabiin, MT; Gross, DJ; Holman, S; Swann, MA; Humphrey, RKB; Marshall, GM; Simpson, AM
2020-05-19Genome-Wide Association Meta-Analysis of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Symptomatic Venous Thromboembolism during Therapy for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and Lymphoma in Caucasian Children.Mateos, MK; Tulstrup, M; Quinn, MC; Tuckuviene, R; Marshall, GM; Gupta, R; Mayoh, C; Wolthers, BO; Barbaro, PM; Ruud, E; Sutton, R; Huttunen, P; Revesz, T; Trakymiene, SS; Barbaric, D; Tedgård, U; Giles, JE; Alvaro, F; Jonsson, OG; Mechinaud, F; Saks, K; Catchpoole, D; Kotecha, RS; Dalla-Pozza, L; Chenevix-Trench, G; Trahair, TN; MacGregor, S; Schmiegelow, K
2016-06Glutathione biosynthesis is upregulated at the initiation of MYCN-driven neuroblastoma tumorigenesis.Carter, DR; Sutton, SK; Pajic, M; Murray, J; Sekyere, EO; Fletcher, J; Beckers, A; De Preter, K; Speleman, F; George, RE; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM
2019-09-04Heterozygous loss of keratinocyte TRIM16 expression increases melanocytic cell lesions and lymph node metastasisSutton, SK; Cheung, BB; Massudi, H; Tan, O; Koach, J; Mayoh, C; Carter, DR; Marshall, GM
2022-01Inequality in early childhood chronic health conditions requiring hospitalisation: A data linkage study of health service utilisation and costs.Callander, EJ; Bull, C; Lain, S; Wakefield, CE; Lingam, R; Marshall, GM; Wake, M; Nassar, N
2023-04-01Inhibition of mitochondrial translocase SLC25A5 and histone deacetylation is an effective combination therapy in neuroblastoma.Seneviratne, JA; Carter, DR; Mittra, R; Gifford, A; Kim, PY; Luo, J-S; Mayoh, C; Salib, A; Rahmanto, AS; Murray, J; Cheng, NC; Nagy, Z; Wang, Q; Kleynhans, A; Tan, O; Sutton, SK; Xue, C; Chung, SA; Zhang, Y; Sun, C; Zhang, L; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Fletcher, JI; Liu, T; Dilda, PJ; Hogg, PJ; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM
2019-01-30Inhibition of polyamine synthesis and uptake reduces tumor progression and prolongs survival in mouse models of neuroblastomaGamble, LD; Purgato, S; Murray, J; Xiao, L; Yu, DMT; Hanssen, KM; Giorgi, FM; Carter, DR; Gifford, AJ; Valli, E; Milazzo, G; Kamili, A; Mayoh, C; Liu, B; Eden, G; Sarraf, S; Allan, S; Giacomo, SD; Flemming, CL; Russell, AJ; Cheung, BB; Oberthuer, A; London, WB; Fischer, M; Trahair, TN; Fletcher, JI; Marshall, GM; Ziegler, DS; Hogarty, MD; Burns, MR; Perini, G; Norris, MD; Haber, M
2018-11-15LDHA in neuroblastoma is associated with poor outcome and its depletion decreases neuroblastoma growth independent of aerobic glycolysisDorneburg, C; Fischer, M; Barth, TFE; Mueller-Klieser, W; Hero, B; Gecht, J; Carter, DR; de Preter, K; Mayer, B; Christner, L; Speleman, F; Marshall, GM; Debatin, KM; Beltinger, C
2016-01-01The long noncoding RNA MALAT1 promotes tumor-driven angiogenesis by up-regulating pro-angiogenic gene expressionTee, AE; Liu, B; Song, R; Li, J; Pasquier, E; Cheung, BB; Jiang, C; Marshall, GM; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Fletcher, JI; Dinger, ME; Liu, T
2021-09-24MEIS2 Is an Adrenergic Core Regulatory Transcription Factor Involved in Early Initiation of TH-MYCN-Driven Neuroblastoma Formation.De Wyn, J; Zimmerman, MW; Weichert-Leahey, N; Nunes, C; Cheung, BB; Abraham, BJ; Beckers, A; Volders, P-J; Decaesteker, B; Carter, DR; Look, AT; De Preter, K; Van Loocke, W; Marshall, GM; Durbin, AD; Speleman, F; Durinck, K
2022-03-01Methotrexate-related central neurotoxicity: clinical characteristics, risk factors and genome-wide association study in children treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia.Mateos, MK; Marshall, GM; Barbaro, PM; Quinn, MCJ; George, C; Mayoh, C; Sutton, R; Revesz, T; Giles, JE; Barbaric, D; Alvaro, F; Mechinaud, F; Catchpoole, D; Lawson, JA; Chenevix-Trench, G; MacGregor, S; Kotecha, RS; Dalla-Pozza, L; Trahair, TN
2023-10-25Mitotic Dysregulation at Tumor Initiation Creates a Therapeutic Vulnerability to Combination Anti-Mitotic and Pro-Apoptotic Agents for MYCN-Driven Neuroblastoma.Zhai, L; Balachandran, A; Larkin, R; Seneviratne, JA; Chung, SA; Lalwani, A; Tsubota, S; Beck, D; Kadomatsu, K; Beckers, A; Durink, K; De Preter, K; Speleman, F; Haber, M; Norris, MD; Swarbrick, A; Cheung, BB; Marshall, GM; Carter, DR