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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020An event-related potential investigation of age and sex in face categorization: Participant sex matters.Miller, R; Stewart, L; Martin, F
2014-01-01Automatic detection and verification of pipeline construction features with multi-modal dataVidal-Calleja, T; Miro, JV; Martin, F; Lingnau, DC; Russell, DE
2013-01Educational purposes of final year engineering projects and their assessmentNouwens, F; Rasul, MG; Lawson, J; Howard, P; Martin, F; Jarman, R; Lemckert, C; Jenkins, G; Lang-Lemckert, S
2018-10-01Eye strain: Focus on causes and treatmentMartin, F; Gullotta, J; Giribaldi, M; Hodge, C
2015-01-01Getting it right: The case for supervisors assessing process in capstone projectsLawson, J; Rasul, MG; Howard, P; Martin, F; Hadgraft, R; Jarman, R
2019-03-01An international approach to establishing a competent authority to manage and protect traditional knowledgeMartin, F; Cahill, A; Wright, E; Stoianoff, N
2015-01-01Learning and teaching approaches and methodologies of capstone final year engineering projectsRasul, MG; Lawson, JJ; Howard, P; Martin, F; Hadgraft, R
2012-10-08Lifestyling Asia? Shaping modernity and selfhood on life-advice programmingLewis, T; Martin, F; Sun, W
2016-05-20Mediatization of yangsheng: The political and cultural economy of health education through media in ChinaSun, W; Martin, F; Lewis, T
2009-01Mentoring First-Year Distance Education Students in Taxation StudiesMartin, F; Collier, K; Carlon, S
-Mycorrhizal effector PaMiSSP10b alters polyamine biosynthesis in Eucalyptus root cells and promotes root colonizationPlett, JM; Plett, KL; Wong‐Bajracharya, J; de Freitas Pereira, M; Dutra Costa, M; Kohler, A; Martin, F; Anderson, IC
2016-05-20The pink ribbon campaign in Chinese fashion magazines: celebrity, luxury lifestyles and consumerismGao, Y; Martin, F; Lewis, T
2006-01Sport, Fashion and Beauty: New Incarnations of the Female Politician in Contemporary ChinaEdwards, LP; Martin, F; Heinrich, L
2016-06Synergistic roles of climate warming and human occupation in Patagonian megafaunal extinctions during the Last Deglaciation.Metcalf, JL; Turney, C; Barnett, R; Martin, F; Bray, SC; Vilstrup, JT; Orlando, L; Salas-Gismondi, R; Loponte, D; Medina, M; De Nigris, M; Civalero, T; Fernández, PM; Gasco, A; Duran, V; Seymour, KL; Otaola, C; Gil, A; Paunero, R; Prevosti, FJ; Bradshaw, CJA; Wheeler, JC; Borrero, L; Austin, JJ; Cooper, A
2016-08-01Telemodernities: Television and Transforming Lives in AsiaLewis, T; Martin, F; Sun, W
2019-01-01The influence of contrasting microbial lifestyles on the pre-symbiotic metabolite responses of Eucalyptus grandis rootsWong, JWH; Lutz, A; Natera, S; Wang, M; Ng, V; Grigoriev, I; Martin, F; Roessner, U; Anderson, IC; Plett, JM
2022-09-01Vision Screening in Children: The New South Wales Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening Program.French, AN; Murphy, E; Martin, F; de Mello, N; Rose, KA