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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-11A feasibility trial of an Internet-delivered and transdiagnostic cognitive behavioral therapy treatment program for anxiety, depression, and disability among adults with epilepsy.Gandy, M; Karin, E; Fogliati, VJ; McDonald, S; Titov, N; Dear, BF
2020-09A feasibility trial of an internet-delivered psychological intervention to manage mental health and functional outcomes in neurological disorders.Gandy, M; Karin, E; McDonald, S; Meares, S; Scott, AJ; Titov, N; Dear, BF
2020-03A randomized controlled trial of internet-delivered cognitive behaviour therapy to prevent the development of depressive disorders in older adults with multimorbidity.Read, J; Sharpe, L; Burton, AL; Arean, PA; Raue, PJ; McDonald, S; Titov, N; Gandy, M; Dear, BF
2022-04Are psychological interventions efficacious for adults with migraine? A systematic review and meta-analysis.Dudeney, J; Sharpe, L; McDonald, S; Menzies, RE; McGuire, B
2021-12-05Care of older people and people requiring palliative care with COVID-19: guidance from the Australian National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce.Cheyne, S; Lindley, RI; Smallwood, N; Tendal, B; Chapman, M; Fraile Navarro, D; Good, PD; Jenkin, P; McDonald, S; Morgan, D; Murano, M; Millard, T; Naganathan, V; Srikanth, V; Tuffin, P; Vogel, J; White, H; Chakraborty, SP; Whiting, E; William, L; Yates, PM; Callary, M; Elliott, J; Agar, MR; National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce,
2023-01-01Clinical and demographic characteristics of patients with obsessive-compulsive symptoms using internet-delivered and face-to-face cognitive behavior therapyMelkonian, M; McDonald, S; Karin, E; Titov, N; Dear, BF; Wootton, BM
2020-12Clinical care of pregnant and postpartum women with COVID-19: Living recommendations from the National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce.Vogel, JP; Tendal, B; Giles, M; Whitehead, C; Burton, W; Chakraborty, S; Cheyne, S; Downton, T; Fraile Navarro, D; Gleeson, G; Gordon, A; Hunt, J; Kitschke, J; McDonald, S; McDonnell, N; Middleton, P; Millard, T; Murano, M; Oats, J; Tate, R; White, H; Elliott, J; Roach, V; Homer, CSE; National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce,
2023-10-16Cognitive behavioral therapies for depression and anxiety in people with chronic disease: A systematic review and meta-analysis.Scott, AJ; Bisby, MA; Heriseanu, AI; Salameh, Y; Karin, E; Fogliati, R; Dudeney, J; Gandy, M; McLellan, LF; Wootton, B; McDonald, S; Correa, A; Titov, N; Dear, BF
2021-07Cognitive behavioral therapy for hoarding disorder: An updated meta-analysis.Rodgers, N; McDonald, S; Wootton, BM
2018-12-06Cognitive-communication and psychosocial functioning 12 months after severe traumatic brain injuryTran, S; Kenny, B; Power, E; Tate, R; McDonald, S; Heard, R; Togher, L
2023-05-03Communication and Psychosocial Outcomes 2-Years After Severe Traumatic Brain Injury: Development of a Prognostic Model.Togher, L; Elbourn, E; Kenny, B; Honan, C; Power, E; Tate, R; McDonald, S; MacWhinney, B
2016Conversational topics discussed by individuals with severe traumatic brain injury and their communication partners during sub-acute recovery.Brassel, S; Kenny, B; Power, E; Elbourn, E; McDonald, S; Tate, R; MacWhinney, B; Turkstra, L; Holland, A; Togher, L
2019-01-28Discourse recovery after severe traumatic brain injury: exploring the first yearElbourn, E; Kenny, B; Power, E; Honan, C; McDonald, S; Tate, R; Holland, A; MacWhinney, B; Togher, L
-Economic evaluations of maternal health interventions: a scoping reviewEddy, KE; Eggleston, A; Chim, ST; Zahroh, RI; Sebastian, E; Bykersma, C; McDonald, S; Homer, CSE; Scott, N; Chou, D; Oladapo, OT; Vogel, JP
2023-01-01Economic evaluations of maternal health interventions: a scoping reviewEddy, KE; Eggleston, A; Chim, ST; Zahroh, RI; Sebastian, E; Bykersma, C; McDonald, S; Homer, CSE; Scott, N; Chou, D; Oladapo, OT; Vogel, JP
2018-05-13Exploring psychological mechanisms of clinical response to an internet-delivered psychological pain management program.Gandy, M; Karin, E; Jones, MP; McDonald, S; Sharpe, L; Titov, N; Dear, BF
2017-03-21Exploring the relationship between cognition and functional verbal reasoning in adults with severe traumatic brain injury at six months post injuryAvramović, P; Kenny, B; Power, E; McDonald, S; Tate, R; Hunt, L; MacDonald, S; Heard, R; Togher, L
2023-11Guided versus self-guided internet delivered cognitive behavioural therapy for diagnosed anxiety and related disorders: a preliminary meta-analysis.Oey, LT; McDonald, S; McGrath, L; Dear, BF; Wootton, BM
2021-05-06Internal Robotic Tool for Remote Wall Condition Assessment and Inspection of Rising MainsValls Miro, J; Hunt, D; Hussein, M; Rossi, R; Gladigau, C; Dissanayake, G; Vitanage, D; McDonald, S; Sunarho, J
2022-04-12Multifaceted intervention to reduce haemodialysis catheter related bloodstream infections: REDUCCTION stepped wedge, cluster randomised trial.Kotwal, S; Cass, A; Coggan, S; Gray, NA; Jan, S; McDonald, S; Polkinghorne, KR; Rogers, K; Talaulikar, G; Di Tanna, GL; Gallagher, M; REDUCCTION Investigators,