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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-08-14A cloud based big data health-analytics-as-a-service framework to support low resource setting neonatal intensive care unitBastwadkar, M; McGregor, C; Balaji, S
2021-12-18A Decoupled Data Pipeline and its Reliability Assessment: Case Study in Extreme Climatic Humans StudiesInibhunu, C; Yeung, J; Gates, A; Chicoine, B; McGregor, C
2022-11A Delphi Survey of Canadian Respiratory Therapists' Practice Statements on Pediatric Mechanical Ventilation.Quach, S; Reise, K; McGregor, C; Papaconstantinou, E; Nonoyama, ML
2022-01-01A Framework for the Design, Development, Testing and Deployment of Reliable Big Data PlatformsMcGregor, C; Inibhunu, C
2021-03-06A Platform for Real-Time Space Health Analytics as a Service Utilizing Space Data RelaysMcGregor, C
2016-11-21A Review of Visual Representations of Physiologic Data.Kamaleswaran, R; McGregor, C
2019-01-01A sliding window real-time processing approach for analysis of heart rate variability during spaceflightPrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C; Chernikova, A; Rusanov, V
2020-01-01A wholistic approach to assessement of adaptation and resilience during spaceflightPrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C
2021-01-11A Wholistic Approach to Human-in-the-Loop EcosystemPrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C
2021-03-06Adaption-Based Analytics for Assessment of Human Deconditioning during Deep Space ExplorationPrysyazhnyuk, A; McGregor, C
2019-07Adaptive API for Real-Time Streaming Analytics as a Service.Inibhunu, C; Jalali, R; Doyle, I; Gates, A; Madill, J; McGregor, C
2002-01-01An agent-based system for trading partner management in B2B e-commerceMcGregor, C; Kumaran, S
2021-12-18An Alert Notification Subsystem for AI Based Clinical Decision Support: A Protoype in NICUInibhunu, C; McGregor, C; Pugh, JEV
2016-08-04An architecture for health data collection using off-the-shelf health sensorsJalali, R; Dauda, A; El-Khatib, K; McGregor, C; Surti, C
2016-07-28An Evaluation of Understandability of Patient Journey Models in Mental Health.Percival, J; McGregor, C
2021-03-06An Individualized Countermeasure Assessment Framework for Astronauts in SpaceYeung, J; McGregor, C
2019-01-01Analyzing countermeasure effectiveness utilizing big data analytics for space medicine decision support: A case studyYeung, J; McGregor, C
2021-12-09Antenatal Care in Australia: Process Mapping to Visualise Resources and CareDesai, R; McGregor, C
2020-09-01Application of TPRMine Method for Identification of Temporal Changes on Patients with COPD: A Case Study in TelehealthInibhunu, C; McGregor, C
2016-08-16Big data analytics for resilience assessment and development in tactical training serious gamesMcGregor, C; Bonnis, B