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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01Enabling self-management of pollen allergies: a pre-season questionnaire evaluating the perceived benefit of providing local pollen informationMedek, DE; Simunovic, M; Erbas, B; Katelaris, CH; Lampugnani, ER; Huete, A; Beggs, PJ; Davies, JM
2022-10-01Evaluation of the performance of short-term curated daily airborne grass pollen forecasts in diverse biogeographical regions during the AusPollen Partnership project 2016–2020Emmerson, KM; Addison-Smith, E; Ebert, E; Milic, A; Vicendese, D; Lampugnani, ER; Erbas, B; Medek, DE; Huete, A; Beggs, P; Katelaris, CH; Haberle, SG; Newbigin, E; Davies, JM
2016-06Regional and seasonal variation in airborne grass pollen levels between cities of Australia and New Zealand.Medek, DE; Beggs, PJ; Erbas, B; Jaggard, AK; Campbell, BC; Vicendese, D; Johnston, FH; Godwin, I; Huete, AR; Green, BJ; Burton, PK; Bowman, DMJS; Newnham, RM; Katelaris, CH; Haberle, SG; Newbigin, E; Davies, JM
2022-05-01Satellite-observed shifts in C<inf>3</inf>/C<inf>4</inf> abundance in Australian grasslands are associated with rainfall patternsXie, Q; Huete, A; Hall, CC; Medlyn, BE; Power, SA; Davies, JM; Medek, DE; Beggs, PJ
2015-11-15Trans-disciplinary research in synthesis of grass pollen aerobiology and its importance for respiratory health in AustralasiaDavies, JM; Beggs, PJ; Medek, DE; Newnham, RM; Erbas, B; Thibaudon, M; Katelaris, CH; Haberle, SG; Newbigin, EJ; Huete, AR