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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-01Enhancing learning in the academic workplace through reflective team teachingKnights, SM; Meyer, L; Sampson, JH
2014-01-01High abundance of the potentially maitotoxic dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus carpenteri in temperate waters of New South Wales, AustraliaKohli, GS; Murray, SA; Neilan, BA; Rhodes, LL; Harwood, DT; Smith, KF; Meyer, L; Capper, A; Brett, S; Hallegraeff, GM
2023-08-23‘Inner qualities versus inequalities’: A case study of student change learning about Aboriginal health using sequential, explanatory mixed methodsFitzpatrick, S; Nathan, S; Meyer, L; Haswell, M
2019-04-01Learning about Aboriginal health and wellbeing at the postgraduate level: Novel application of the Growth and Empowerment MeasureFitzpatrick, SA; Haswell, MR; Williams, MM; Nathan, S; Meyer, L; Ritchie, JE; Jackson Pulver, LR
2023-05-15Testing for the MMX Rover Autonomous Navigation Experiment on PhobosMeyer, L; Vayugundla, M; Kenny, P; Smíšek, M; Biele, J; Maturilli, A; Müller, MG; Stürzl, W; Schuster, MJ; Bodenmüller, T; Wedler, A; Triebel, R
2020-10-01The ARCHES Space-Analogue Demonstration Mission: Towards Heterogeneous Teams of Autonomous Robots for Collaborative Scientific Sampling in Planetary ExplorationSchuster, MJ; Muller, MG; Brunner, SG; Lehner, H; Lehner, P; Sakagami, R; Domel, A; Meyer, L; Vodermayer, B; Giubilato, R; Vayugundla, M; Reill, J; Steidle, F; Von Bargen, I; Bussmann, K; Belder, R; Lutz, P; Sturzl, W; Smisek, M; Moritz, M; Stoneman, S; Prince, AF; Rebele, B; Durner, M; Staudinger, E; Zhang, S; Pohlmann, R; Bischoff, E; Braun, C; Schroder, S; Dietz, E; Frohmann, S; Borner, A; Hubers, HW; Foing, B; Triebel, R; Albu-Schaffer, AO; Wedler, A
2023-09-20Transforming the public health workforce through immersion in a First Nations empowerment program: A case study of postgraduate student changeFitzpatrick, S; Meyer, L; Nathan, S; Haswell, M; Williams, M; Ritchie, J; Jackson Pulver, L
2020-08-31We are working for our people: Growing and strengthening the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workforceBailey, J; Blignault, I; Carriage, C; Demassi, K; Joseph, T; Kelleher, K; Lew Fatt, E; Meyer, L; Naden, P; Newman, J; Renata, P; Ridoutt, L; Stanford, D; Williams, M