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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Arterial incident duration prediction using a bi-level framework of extreme gradient-tree boostingMihaita, A-S; Liu, Z; Cai, C; Rizoiu, M-A
2021-10-22Big Data Processing and Analysis on the Impact of COVID-19 on Public Transport DelayMihaita, A-S; Ou, Y; Chen, F
2021-01-01Boosted Genetic Algorithm Using Machine Learning for Traffic Control OptimizationMao, T; Mihaita, A-S; Chen, F; Vu, HL
2020-09-20Dynamic Train Demand Estimation and Passenger AssignmentOu, Y; Mihaita, A-S; Chen, F
-Graph modelling approaches for motorway traffic flow predictionMihaita, A-S; Papachatgis, Z; Rizoiu, M-A
2020-01-01Graph modelling approaches for motorway traffic flow predictionMihaita, A-S; Papachatgis, Z; Rizoiu, M-A
2021-10-27How will electric vehicles affect traffic congestion and energy consumption: an integrated modelling approachGrigorev, A; Mao, T; Berry, A; Tan, J; Purushothaman, L; Mihaita, A-S
2022-08-01Incident duration prediction using a bi-level machine learning framework with outlier removal and intra–extra joint optimisationGrigorev, A; Mihaita, A-S; Lee, S; Chen, F
2019-10-27Motorway Traffic Flow Prediction using Advanced Deep LearningMihaita, A-S; Li, H; He, Z; Rizoiu, M-A
2020-01-12Short-Term Traffic Prediction Under Non-Recurrent Incident Conditions Integrating Data-Driven Models and Traffic SimulationShafiei, S; Mihaita, A-S; Nguyen, H; Bentley, C; Cai, C
2020-06-23Traffic congestion anomaly detection and prediction using deep learningMihaita, A-S; Li, H; Rizoiu, M-A
2019-06-11Traffic signal control optimization under severe incident conditions using Genetic AlgorithmMao, T; Mihaita, A-S; Cai, C
2019-06-11Trip Table Estimation and Prediction for Dynamic Traffic Assignment ApplicationsShafiei, S; Mihaita, A-S; Cai, C
2012-07-04Un nouveau modéle de l'énergie de commande des systèmes stochastiques à commutationMihaita, A-S; Mocanu, S