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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-01A Scalable Redefined Stochastic BlockmodelLiu, X; Yang, B; Chen, H; Musial, K; Chen, H; Li, Y; Zuo, W
2021-11-08An insight into network structure measures and number of driver nodesSadaf, A; Mathieson, L; Musial, K
2017-01-01Analysis and applications of complex social networksMusial, K; Bródka, P; De Meo, P
2019-01-01Analysis and Applications of Complex Social Networks 2018Musial, K; Bródka, P; De Meo, P
2020-12-23AutonoML: Towards an Integrated Framework for Autonomous Machine LearningKedziora, DJ; Musial, K; Gabrys, B
2020-11-22AutoWeka4MCPS-AVATAR: Accelerating Automated Machine Learning Pipeline Composition and OptimisationNguyen, T-D; Gabrys, B; Musial, K
2021-07-01AutoWeka4MCPS-AVATAR: Accelerating automated machine learning pipeline composition and optimisationNguyen, T-D; Musial, K; Gabrys, B
2020-01-01AVATAR - Machine Learning Pipeline Evaluation Using Surrogate ModelNguyen, TD; Maszczyk, T; Musial, K; Zöller, MA; Gabrys, B
2020-07-01Biomedical Named-Entity Recognition by Hierarchically Fusing BioBERT Representations and Deep Contextual-Level Word-EmbeddingNaseem, U; Musial, K; Eklund, P; Prasad, M
2018-08-01Change point detection in social networksCritical review with experimentsKendrick, L; Musial, K; Gabrys, B
2021-01-01Closure Coefficient in Complex Directed NetworksJia, M; Gabrys, B; Musial, K
2020-01Controlling for openness in the male-dominated collaborative networks of the global film industry.Verhoeven, D; Musial, K; Palmer, S; Taylor, S; Abidi, S; Zemaityte, V; Simpson, L
2018-01-01Convergence of trading strategies in continuous double auction markets with boundedly-rational networked tradersZhang, J; McBurney, P; Musial, K
2020Curriculum profile: modelling the gaps between curriculum and the job marketGromov, A; Maslennikov, A; Dawson, N; Musial, K; Kitto, K
2021-07-19Data-driven approach for tailoring facilitation strategies to overcome implementation barriers in community pharmacyMoussa, L; Benrimoj, S; Musial, K; Kocbek, S; Garcia-Cardenas, V
2019-09-01DICE: Deep intelligent contextual embedding for twitter sentiment analysisNaseem, U; Musial, K
2021Directed closure coefficient and its patterns.Jia, M; Gabrys, B; Musial, K
2019-11-03Emotional contagion-based social sentiment mining in social networks by introducing network communitiesWang, X; He, D; Jin, D; Musial, K; Liu, M; Dang, J
2020-05-14Foundations and modelling of dynamic networks using Dynamic Graph Neural Networks: A surveySkarding, J; Gabrys, B; Musial, K
2021-01-01Foundations and modelling of dynamic networks using Dynamic Graph Neural Networks: A surveySkardinga, J; Gabrys, B; Musial, K