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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-01-01Challenges and potentials of forward osmosis process in the treatment of wastewaterIbrar, I; Altaee, A; Zhou, JL; Naji, O; Khanafer, D
2022-01Development in Forward Osmosis-Membrane Distillation Hybrid System for Wastewater TreatmentIbrar, I; Yadav, S; Naji, O; Alhathal Alanezi, A; Ghaffour, N; Déon, S; Subbiah, S; Altaee, A
2020-03-01Direct contact ultrasound for fouling control and flux enhancement in air-gap membrane distillationNaji, O; Al-juboori, RA; Bowtell, L; Alpatova, A; Ghaffour, N
2018Effect of air gap membrane distillation parameters on the removal of fluoride from synthetic waterNaji, O; Bowtell, L; Al-juboori, RA; Aravinthan, V; Ghaffour, N
2019-10-01Energy efficiency of hollow fibre membrane module in the forward osmosis seawater desalination processAltaee, A; Braytee, A; Millar, GJ; Naji, O
2022Polymer-based nano-enhanced forward osmosis membranesBakly, S; Ibrar, I; Saleem, H; Yadav, S; Al-Juboori, R; Naji, O; Altaee, A; Zaidi, SJ
2022-03-18Polymer-Based Nano-enhanced Forward Osmosis MembranesAltaee, A; Bakly, S; Ibrar, I; Saleem, H; Yadav, S; Al-Juboori, R; Naji, O; Zaidi, SJ
2021-05-01Power effect of ultrasonically vibrated spacers in air gap membrane distillation: Theoretical and experimental investigationsAl-juboori, RA; Naji, O; Bowtell, L; Alpatova, A; Soukane, S; Ghaffour, N
2020-05-15Recent developments in forward osmosis membranes using carbon-based nanomaterialsYadav, S; Saleem, H; Ibrar, I; Naji, O; Hawari, AA; Alanezi, AA; Zaidi, SJ; Altaee, A; Zhou, J
2019-04-01A review of fouling mechanisms, control strategies and real-time fouling monitoring techniques in forward osmosisIbrar, I; Naji, O; Sharif, A; Malekizadeh, A; Alhawari, A; Alanezi, AA; Altaee, A
2021-08-13Ultrasound-assisted membrane technologies for fouling control and performance improvement: A reviewAltaee, A; Naji, O; Al-juboori, RA; Khan, A; Yadav, S; Alpatova, A; Soukane, S; Ghaffour, N