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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-03-01Building nursing and midwifery leadership capacity in the PacificRumsey, M; Catling, C; Thiessen, J; Neill, A
2022-05-31Development of PARcific Approach: Participatory Action Research Methodology for Collectivist Health Research.Rumsey, M; Stowers, P; Sam, H; Neill, A; Rodrigues, N; Brooks, F; Daly, J
2018-08-28Labour Mobility Assistance Program (LMAP) review of pre-departure medical and fitness testing of workers participating in the Seasonal Worker Program (SWP)Rumsey, M; Thiessen, J; Neill, A
2016-04-01Midwifery capacity building in Papua New Guinea: Key achievements and ways forwardDawson, A; Kililo, M; Geita, L; Mola, G; Brodie, PM; Rumsey, M; Copeland, F; Neill, A; Homer, CSE
2021-02-15Nurses in advanced roles as a strategy for equitable access to healthcare in the WHO Western Pacific region: a mixed methods studyKim, S; Lee, TW; Kim, GS; Cho, E; Jang, Y; Choi, M; Baek, S; Lindsay, D; Chan, S; Lee, RLT; Guo, A; Wong, FKY; Yu, D; Chair, SY; Shimpuku, Y; Mashino, S; Lim, G; Bonito, S; Rumsey, M; Neill, A; Hazarika, I
2017-11-23Review of Pacific Open Learning Health Net (POLHN),.Rumsey, M; Thiessen, J; Neill, A
2021-02-01Scoping Report ANGAU Birthing Suites Clinical Support ProgramRumsey, M; Neill, A; Baird, K
2021-01-18Scoping Report ANGAU Paediatric FacilitiesRumsey, M; Neill, A; Baird, K; Nataraja, R; Maguire, J
2019-09-30State of the World's Nursing -Leadership, Policy and Data Capacity WHO State of the World's Nursing SPCNMOA Report - 18 Pacific Country Capacity Building WorkshopRumsey, M; Neill, A
2020-10-01Vital roles of nurses and midwives in the Western Pacific RegionRumsey, M; Neill, A; Lock, L; Lisa, T; Wong, D; Tasnuva, T
2015-12-31What motivates midwifery students to study midwifery in Papua New Guinea?Moores, A; Catling, C; West, F; Neill, A; Rumsey, M; Kilio Samor, M; Homer, CSE