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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-03-09Ethnic discrimination in private rental housing markets in AustraliaNelson, J; MacDonald, H; Dufty-Jones, R; Dunn, K; Paradies, Y
2015-01-01Ethnic discrimination in private rental housing markets in AustraliaNelson, J; MacDonald, H; Jones, RD; Dunn, K; Paradies, Y
2022-05-19Family events as sites for racism and anti-racismNelson, J; Fletcher, T
2019Findings from the 2017 Speak Out Against Racism (SOAR) student and staff surveysPriest, N; Chong, S; Truong, M; Sharif, M; Dunn, K; Paradies, Y; Nelson, J; Alam, O; Ward, A; Kavanagh, A
2024Forced Marriage in Australia: Building a Social Response with Frontline WorkersNelson, J; Burn, J
2023-11-23Foreign real estate investment and international education as a family wealth strategyMa, X; Rogers, D; Nelson, J; Wang, Y
2018-11-01Geographies of hyper-commodified housing: foreign capital, market activity, and housing stressRogers, D; Nelson, J; Wong, A
2020-08-22Multicultural CitiesNelson, J; Ho, C; Rogers, D
2017-02-01Neoliberal anti-racism: Responding to ‘everywhere but different’ racismNelson, J; Dunn, K
2014-01-01Place - Defending and the denial of racismNelson, J
2021-07-21Promoting proactive bystander responses to racism and racial discrimination in primary schools: a mixed methods evaluation of the ‘Speak Out Against Racism’ program pilotPriest, N; Alam, O; Truong, M; Sharples, R; Nelson, J; Dunn, K; Francis, KL; Paradies, Y; Kavanagh, A
2017-10-02Public perceptions of foreign and Chinese real estate investment: intercultural relations in Global SydneyRogers, D; Wong, A; Nelson, J
2013Racism and anti-racismNelson, J; Dunn, KM; Jakubowicz, A; Ho, C
2016-10-01Rental Discrimination in the Multi-ethnic Metropolis: Evidence from SydneyMacDonald, H; Nelson, J; Galster, G; Paradies, Y; Dunn, K; Dufty-Jones, R
2021-09The association between experiences of religious discrimination, social-emotional and sleep outcomes among youth in Australia.Sharif, MZ; Truong, M; Alam, O; Dunn, K; Nelson, J; Kavanagh, A; Paradies, Y; Priest, N
2020-01-01Understanding UrbanismRogers, D; Keane, A; Alizadeh, T; Nelson, J
2018-01-01What explains the differential treatment of renters based on ethnicity? New evidence from sydneyGalster, G; MacDonald, H; Nelson, J