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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017-08-21Hypoxia-Responsive Cobalt Complexes in Tumor Spheroids: Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry and Magnetic Resonance Imaging StudiesO'Neill, ES; Kaur, A; Bishop, DP; Shishmarev, D; Kuchel, PW; Grieve, SM; Figtree, GA; Renfrew, AK; Bonnitcha, PD; New, EJ
2015-01-01Imaging metals in biology: Balancing sensitivity, selectivity and spatial resolutionHare, DJ; New, EJ; De Jonge, MD; McColl, G
2017-04-01Imaging metals in biology: Pictures of metals in health and diseaseHare, DJ; New, EJ; McColl, G
2016-01-01On the outside looking in: Redefining the role of analytical chemistry in the biosciencesHare, DJ; New, EJ
2020-04-03PGRMC1 phosphorylation affects cell shape, motility, glycolysis, mitochondrial form and function, and tumor growth.Thejer, BM; Adhikary, PP; Kaur, A; Teakel, SL; Van Oosterum, A; Seth, I; Pajic, M; Hannan, KM; Pavy, M; Poh, P; Jazayeri, JA; Zaw, T; Pascovici, D; Ludescher, M; Pawlak, M; Cassano, JC; Turnbull, L; Jazayeri, M; James, AC; Coorey, CP; Roberts, TL; Kinder, SJ; Hannan, RD; Patrick, E; Molloy, MP; New, EJ; Fehm, TN; Neubauer, H; Goldys, EM; Weston, LA; Cahill, MA
2018-01-18Promises and Pitfalls of Metal Imaging in BiologyNew, EJ; Wimmer, VC; Hare, DJ
2019-06-01Respiratory syncytial virus co-opts host mitochondrial function to favour infectious virus productionHu, MJ; Schulze, KE; Ghildyal, R; Henstridge, DC; Kolanowski, JL; New, EJ; Hong, Y; Hsu, AC; Hansbro, PM; Wark, PAB; Bogoyevitch, MA; Jans, DA
2023-06-27Subcellular targeted anionophoresRyder, WG; Graziotto, ME; New, EJ; Gale, PA
2019-05-01The cyclic nitroxide antioxidant 4-methoxy-TEMPO decreases mycobacterial burden in vivo through host and bacterial targets.Black, HD; Xu, W; Hortle, E; Robertson, SI; Britton, WJ; Kaur, A; New, EJ; Witting, PK; Chami, B; Oehlers, SH