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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017An additive statistical modelling approach to the analysis of transport infrastructure flood risk-based resilienceNewton, S; Hromadka, T; Rao, P
2007-01An Alternative Tool to Facilitate Construction Project Information Transfer: Blogging vs. EmailWang, CC; Zou, P; Newton, S; Wang, J
2016-01-01An innovation resistance factor modelIshak, SSM; Newton, S
2004-07-06Bluetooth potential in the m-enterprise: A feasibility studyPradhan, S; Lawrence, E; Newton, S; Das, J
2012-01Clarifying the Role of Building Information Modeling in Green Building CertificationJupp, JR; Gandhi, S; Kamardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
2012-01Contestable Concepts of Construction ProductivityDe Valence, G; Kamardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
2007-01The cost management system in China - The impact of social and economic reforms in the construction industryDing, GK; Smith, PV; Yan, L; Zou, P; Newton, S; Wang, J
2019-04-01The cost performance of transportation projects: The fallacy of the Planning Fallacy accountLove, PED; Sing, MCP; Ika, LA; Newton, S
2017Crowdsourcing Public Participation in Sustainable Built Environment Development: The Democratisation of ExpertiseNewton, S; Lombardi, P; Shen, GQ; Brandon, PS
2023-01-01Defining and demonstrating a smart technology configuration to improve energy performance and occupant comfort in existing buildings: a conceptual frameworkNewton, S; Shirazi, A; Christensen, P
2019-11-16Disaster risk management approaches in construction and built environment: A research collaboration networks perspectiveTavakoli Taba, S; Mojtahedi, M; Newton, S
2020-12-30Evaluating large, high-technology project portfolios using a novel interval-valued Pythagorean fuzzy set framework: An automated crane project case studyMohagheghi, V; Mousavi, SM; Mojtahedi, M; Newton, S
2012-01An evaluation of continuing professional development in the construction industryAntoniades, H; Kamardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
2012-01Get them involved - a Case Study of Teaching Content and Assessment Design for a Property CourseGe, J; Kamardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
2006-12-01A global, collaborative, E-learning ecosystem: An academic/industry partnership in actionLawrence, E; Garner, B; Newton, S
2019-11-18Hybrid approach to reducing estimating overfitting and collinearityXiong, B; Newton, S; Li, V; Skitmore, M; Xia, B
2012-01The impact of educational institutions on housing prices: a case study of Killara High SchoolGeyer, B; Runeson, G; Kumardeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
2019-12-01The impact on neighbourhood residential property valuations of a newly proposed public transport project: The Sydney Northwest Metro case studyChen, Y; Yazdani, M; Mojtahedi, M; Newton, S
2020-01-01Introducing a multi-criteria evaluation method using Pythagorean fuzzy sets: A case study focusing on resilient construction project selectionMohagheghi, V; Mousavi, SM; Mojtahedi, M; Newton, S
2007-01Main attributes influencing the prices people pay for housingGe, J; Kumar, S; Zou, PXW; Newton, S; Wang, JY