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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-04-016g-enabled short-term forecasting for large-scale traffic flow in massive iot based on time-aware locality-sensitive hashingWang, F; Zhu, M; Wang, M; Khosravi, MR; Ni, Q; Yu, S; Qi, L
2022-02-01A fault information-guided variational mode decomposition (FIVMD) method for rolling element bearings diagnosisNi, Q; Ji, JC; Feng, K; Halkon, B
2023-03-01A novel adaptive bandwidth selection method for Vold–Kalman filtering and its application in wind turbine planetary gearbox diagnosticsFeng, K; Ji, JC; Ni, Q
2021-05-15A novel correntropy-based band selection method for the fault diagnosis of bearings under fault-irrelevant impulsive and cyclostationary interferencesNi, Q; Ji, JC; Feng, K; Halkon, B
2022-07-01A novel cyclic-correntropy based indicator for gear wear monitoringFeng, K; Ji, JC; Li, Y; Ni, Q; Wu, H; Zheng, J
2022-12-15A novel order spectrum-based Vold-Kalman filter bandwidth selection scheme for fault diagnosis of gearbox in offshore wind turbinesFeng, K; Ji, JC; Wang, K; Wei, D; Zhou, C; Ni, Q
2022-10-01A novel similarity-based status characterization methodology for gear surface wear propagation monitoringFeng, K; Ni, Q; Beer, M; Du, H; Li, C
2021-12-01CoPace: Edge Computation Offloading and Caching for Self-Driving with Deep Reinforcement LearningTian, H; Xu, X; Qi, L; Zhang, X; Dou, W; Yu, S; Ni, Q
2017-10-01Mobile live video streaming optimization via crowdsourcing brokerageWu, T; Dou, W; Ni, Q; Yu, S; Chen, G
2022-03-04Spectral envelope-based adaptive empirical Fourier decomposition method and its application to rolling bearing fault diagnosisZheng, J; Cao, S; Pan, H; Ni, Q
2022-06-01Traversal index enhanced-gram (TIEgram): A novel optimal demodulation frequency band selection method for rolling bearing fault diagnosis under non-stationary operating conditionsWang, X; Zheng, J; Ni, Q; Pan, H; Zhang, J
2022-07-01Vibration-Based System Degradation Monitoring under Gear Wear ProgressionFeng, K; Ni, Q; Zheng, J