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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20221.5 °C pathways for the Global Industry Classification (GICS) sectors chemicals, aluminium, and steel.Teske, S; Niklas, S; Talwar, S; Atherton, A
2022Classification Systems for Setting Net-Zero Targets for IndustriesTeske, S; Nagrath, K; Niklas, S
2021-10-06Developing the future energy workforce. Opportunity assessment for RACE for 2030Rutovitz, J; Visser, D; Sharpe, S; Taylor, H; Jennings, K; Atherton, A; Briggs, C; Mey, F; Niklas, S; Bos, A; Ferraro, S; Mahmoudi, F; Dwyer, S; Sharp, D; Mortimer, G
2021-07-02E1 Theme: Trust-building for collaborative win-win customer solutions. Opportunity Assessment Roadmap ReportRussell-Bennett, R; Kuch, D; Riedy, C; Gardner, J; Chong, HYJ; Niklas, S; Clements, A; Flew, T; Mathmann, F; McAndrew, R; Letheren, K; Minunno, R; Amin, R; Goulding, B; Zimbatu, A; Whittaker, L
2021-06MyTown Microgrid: Business Model Scan and Market and Regulatory Review ReportLangham, E; Niklas, S; Nagrath, K; Dwyer, S; Rutovitz, J
2020-12-18MyTown Microgrid: Business Model Scan v1.0. ReportLangham, E; Niklas, S; Nagrath, K; Dwyer, S; Rutovitz, J
2022-03-08Resilient Buildings and Distributed Energy: A Grassroots Community Response to the Climate EmergencyNiklas, S; Alexander, D; Dwyer, S
2022-01-01Scopes 1, 2, and 3 Industry Emissions and Future PathwaysTeske, S; Nagrath, K; Niklas, S; Talwar, S; Atherton, A; Orbe, JG; Assaf, J; Giurco, D
2020-11-19Sectoral pathways to net zero emissionsTeske, S; Niklas, S; Atherton, A; Kelly, S; Herring, J
2021-11-08TUMI Transport Outlook 1.5°C - A global scenario to decarbonise transportTeske, S; Niklas, S; Langdon, R