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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-09-01A Battery Energy Storage Sizing Method for Parking Lot Equipped With EV ChargersBin Irshad, U; Nizami, MSH; Rafique, S; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2021-01-10A Bi-level optimization-based community energy management system for optimal energy sharing and trading among peersFernandez, E; Hossain, MJ; Mahmud, K; Nizami, MSH; Kashif, M
2021-06-01A Coordinated Electric Vehicle Management System for Grid-Support Services in Residential NetworksNizami, MSH; Hossain, MJ; Mahmud, K
2019-09-23A customer-based-strategy to minimize the cost of energy consumption by optimal utilization of energy resources in an apartment buildingRafique, S; Nizami, MSH; Irshad, UB; Hossain, MJ; Town, GE
2019-06-01A Multi-agent system based residential electric vehicle management system for grid-support serviceNizami, MSH; Hossain, MJ; Rafique, S; Mahmud, K; Irshad, UB; Town, G
2021-01-01A Nested Transactive Energy Market Model to Trade Demand-Side Flexibility of Residential ConsumersNizami, MSH; Hossain, MJ; Mahmud, K
2020-03-01A residential energy management system with bi-level optimization-based bidding strategy for day-ahead bi-directional electricity tradingNizami, MSH; Hossain, MJ; Amin, BMR; Fernandez, E
2022-01-15A two-stage multi-objective stochastic optimization strategy to minimize cost for electric bus depot operatorsRafique, S; Nizami, MSH; Irshad, UB; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2019-06-01Advanced power routing framework for optimal economic operation and control of solar photovoltaic-based islanded microgridMahmud, MAP; Hossain, MJ; Nizami, MSH; Rahman, MS; Farjana, SH; Huda, N; Lang, C
2021-09-01An Optimal Allocation of Reactive Power Capable End-User Devices for Grid SupportKashif, M; Hossain, MJ; Fernandez, E; Nizami, MSH; Ali, SMN; Sharma, V
2021-01-01Energy Management Systems for Residential Buildings With Electric Vehicles and Distributed Energy ResourcesRafique, S; Hossain, MJ; Nizami, MSH; Bin Irshad, U; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2021-01-01EV Scheduling Framework for Peak Demand Management in LV Residential NetworksRafique, S; Nizami, MSH; Irshad, UB; Hossain, MJ; Mukhopadhyay, SC
2018-12-15Game-theoretic approach to demand-side energy management for a smart neighbourhood in Sydney incorporating renewable resourcesFernandez, E; Hossain, MJ; Nizami, MSH
2020Harmonic identification based on DSC and MAF for three-phase shunt active power filterKashif, M; Hossain, MJ; Nawazish Ali, SM; Sharma, V; Nizami, MSH
2020-03-01Multiagent-Based Transactive Energy Management Systems for Residential Buildings with Distributed Energy ResourcesNizami, MSH; Hossain, MJ; Fernandez, E
2020-03-01Multiple Home-to-Home Energy Transactions for Peak Load ShavingMahmud, K; Nizami, MSH; Ravishankar, J; Hossain, MJ; Siano, P
2019-12-01On the application of Home Energy Management Systems for power grid supportNizami, MSH; Haque, ANMM; Nguyen, PH; Hossain, MJ
2019-06-01Output Feedback Adaptive Control for Inter-area Oscillation Damping under Power System UncertaintiesNayak, A; Mishra, S; Hossain, J; Nizami, MSH
2020-01-01Power-demand management in a smart grid using electric vehiclesMahmud, K; Nizami, MSH; Ravishankar, J; Hossain, MJ
2021-02Reverse logistics network design for waste solar photovoltaic panels: A case study of New South Wales councils in Australia.Islam, MT; Nizami, MSH; Mahmoudi, S; Huda, N