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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-06-01Bluecap: A geospatial model to assess regional economic-viability for mineral resource developmentWalsh, SDC; Northey, SA; Huston, D; Yellishetty, M; Czarnota, K
2019-07-01Corrigendum to “Production weighted water use impact characterisation factors for the global mining industry” [J. Clean. Prod. 184 (2018) 788–797] (Journal of Cleaner Production (2018) 184 (788–797), (S0959652618306450), (10.1016/j.jclepro.2018.02.307))Northey, SA; Madrid López, C; Haque, N; Mudd, GM; Yellishetty, M
2021-12-01Environmental impacts of key metals' supply and low-carbon technologies are likely to decrease in the futureHarpprecht, C; van Oers, L; Northey, SA; Yang, Y; Steubing, B
2023-08-29How to fuel an energy transition with ecologically responsible mining.Sonter, LJ; Maron, M; Bull, JW; Giljum, S; Luckeneder, S; Maus, V; McDonald-Madden, E; Northey, SA; Sánchez, LE; Valenta, R; Visconti, P; Werner, TT; Watson, JEM
2018-02-20Looking Down Under for a Circular Economy of Indium.Werner, TT; Ciacci, L; Mudd, GM; Reck, BK; Northey, SA
2020-11Mining in Papua New Guinea: A complex story of trends, impacts and governance.Mudd, GM; Roche, C; Northey, SA; Jowitt, SM; Gamato, G
2021-09-01Platinum group metals: A review of resources, production and usage with a focus on catalystsHughes, AE; Haque, N; Northey, SA; Giddey, S
2023-03Primary Exploration, Mining and Metal Supply Scenario (PEMMSS) model: Towards a stochastic understanding of the mineral discovery, mine development and co-product recovery requirements to meet demand in a low-carbon futureNorthey, SA; Klose, S; Pauliuk, S; Yellishetty, M; Giurco, D
2018-05-20Production weighted water use impact characterisation factors for the global mining industryNorthey, SA; Madrid López, C; Haque, N; Mudd, GM; Yellishetty, M
2019-06-01Sustainable water management and improved corporate reporting in miningNorthey, SA; Mudd, GM; Werner, TT; Haque, N; Yellishetty, M
2017-05-01The exposure of global base metal resources to water criticality, scarcity and climate changeNorthey, SA; Mudd, GM; Werner, TT; Jowitt, SM; Haque, N; Yellishetty, M; Weng, Z
2019-10-01Toward a dynamic evaluation of mineral criticality: Introducing the framework of criticality systemsYuan, Y; Yellishetty, M; Muñoz, MA; Northey, SA
2020-02-01Transparency on greenhouse gas emissions from mining to enable climate change mitigationAzadi, M; Northey, SA; Ali, SH; Edraki, M
2018-04-01Unresolved Complexity in Assessments of Mineral Resource Depletion and AvailabilityNorthey, SA; Mudd, GM; Werner, TT
2016-11-01Water footprinting and mining: Where are the limitations and opportunities?Northey, SA; Mudd, GM; Saarivuori, E; Wessman-Jääskeläinen, H; Haque, N