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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-01Acoustic meta-atom with experimentally verified maximum Willis couplingMelnikov, A; Chiang, YK; Quan, L; Oberst, S; Alù, A; Marburg, S; Powell, D
2015-01-01Analysis of thin curved flexible structures for space applicationsOberst, S; Griffin, D; Tuttle, S; Lambert, A; Boyce, RR
2013-01-01Application of polynomial chaos expansions to analytical models of friction oscillatorsZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
2017-08-24Application of recurrence plot quantification to mineralising systems in geologyOberst, S; Lester, D; Niven, RK; Ord, A; Hobbs, BE; Hoffmann, NP
2017-03-21Application of recurrence plots to orebody exploration dataOberst, S; Niven, R; Ord, A; Hobbs, B; Lester, D; Witt, W; Wyche, S
2019-12-01Bifurcation analysis of dynamic pricing processes with nonlinear external reference effectsLu, S; Oberst, S; Zhang, G; Luo, Z
2011-02-28Chaos in brake squeal noiseOberst, S; Lai, JCS
2019-09-01Complex machine dynamics: systematic recurrence quantification analysis of disk brake vibration dataStender, M; Oberst, S; Tiedemann, M; Hoffmann, N
2017-02-01Cryptic termites avoid predatory ants by eavesdropping on vibrational cues from their footstepsOberst, S; Bann, G; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2018-08-01Detection of unstable periodic orbits in mineralising geological systemsOberst, S; Niven, RK; Lester, DR; Ord, A; Hobbs, B; Hoffmann, N
2017-01-01Determining periodic orbits via nonlinear filtering and recurrence spectra in the presence of noiseOberst, S; Marburg, S; Hoffmann, N
2019-04-15Dynamic analysis of vibrating flip-flow screens equipped with support and shear rubber springsGong, S; Oberst, S; Wang, X
2018-04-14Experimental validation of tape springs to be used as thin-walled space structuresOberst, S; Tuttle, SL; Griffin, D; Lambert, A; Boyce, RR
2013-04-29Guidelines for numerical vibration and acoustic analysis of disc brake squeal using simple models of brake systemsOberst, S; Lai, JCS; Marburg, S
2018-07-01Impact of an irregular friction formulation on dynamics of a minimal model for brake squealStender, M; Tiedemann, M; Hoffmann, N; Oberst, S
2015-01-01Improving Brake squeal propensitiy prediction by model updatingZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Williams, JJR; Lai, JCS
2016-01-01Influence of contact condition and sliding speed on friction-induced instabilityZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
2015-04-01An innovative signal processing method to extract ants' walking signalsOberst, S; Nava-Baro, E; Lai, JCS; Evans, TA
2018-01-01Instability analysis of brake squeal with uncertain contact conditionsZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS
2015-01-01Instability analysis of coupled friction oscillators with uncertainties in contact conditionsZhang, Z; Oberst, S; Lai, JCS