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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-03-3041250 Machine Learning to Identify Predictors of Iatrogenic Injury Using Empirical Bayes Estimates: A Cohort Study of Pressure Injury PreventionPadula, WV; Armstrong, DG; Davidson, PM
2020-06Adverse Effects of the Medicare PSI-90 Hospital Penalty System on Revenue-Neutral Hospital-Acquired Conditions.Padula, WV; Black, JM; Davidson, PM; Kang, SY; Pronovost, PJ
2019-09-02Characteristics of people with pressure ulcers using one year's routinely collected data in a defined diverse communityJackson, D; Hutchinson, M; Neville, S; Padula, WV; Usher, K; Gardner, S; Betteridge, R; Durrant, L
2021-08Global digital social learning as a strategy to promote engagement in the era of COVID-19.Davidson, PM; Lin, CJ; Beaman, A; Jackson, D; Reynolds, NR; Padula, WV
2021-01-01Investing in Skilled Specialists to Grow Hospital Infrastructure for Quality Improvement.Padula, WV; Nagarajan, M; Davidson, PM; Pronovost, PJ
2020-10Moral outrage in COVID19-Understandable but not a strategy.Davidson, PM; Padula, WV; Daly, J; Jackson, D
2021-01-01Nursing students' perceived value of the work environment: A discrete choice experiment.Meng, D; Xu, G; He, L; Zhang, M; Padula, WV; Davidson, PM
2021-01-01Supply chain failures amid Covid-19 signal a new pillar for global health preparedness.Dai, T; Zaman, MH; Padula, WV; Davidson, PM
2018-06Unintended consequences of quality improvement programs on the prevention of hospital-acquired conditions: Avoiding the temptation to bite into low-hanging fruitPadula, WV; Davidson, PM; Jackson, D; Pedreira, R; Pronovost, PJ
2020-05-19Vulnerability of nurse and physicians with COVID-19: Monitoring and surveillance needed.Jackson, D; Anders, R; Padula, WV; Daly, J; Davidson, PM