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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-05-10A cross sectional study of organizational factors and their impact on job satisfaction and emotional burnout in a group of Australian nurses: infection control practitionersPage, K; Graves, N
2018-06-01Antibiotic prescribing in primary healthcare: Dominant factors and trade-offs in decision-makingLum, EPM; Page, K; Whitty, JA; Doust, J; Graves, N
2017-06-01Aseptic technique and the implementation of national policy: Contextual factors for considerationHavers, SM; Russo, PL; Page, K; Wilson, A; Hall, L
2017-10-10Australian consumer perspectives, attitudes and behaviours on antibiotic use and antibiotic resistance: A qualitative study with implications for public health policy and practiceLum, EPM; Page, K; Nissen, L; Doust, J; Graves, N
2017-02-01Can video improve grant review quality and lead to more reliable ranking?Doran, M; Barnett, A; Leach, J; Lott, W; Page, K; Grant, W
2018-09-01Changes in knowledge and attitudes of hospital environmental services staff: The Researching Effective Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals (REACH) studyMitchell, BG; White, N; Farrington, A; Allen, M; Page, K; Gardner, A; Halton, K; Riley, TV; Gericke, CA; Paterson, DL; Graves, N; Hall, L
2019-04-01Clinician perspectives of policy implementation: A qualitative study of the implementation of a national infection prevention policy in Australian hospitalsHavers, SM; Russo, PL; Page, K; Wilson, A; Hall, L
2016-02-01Cost-Effectiveness of a national initiative to improve hand hygiene compliance using the outcome of healthcare associated staphylococcus aureus bacteraemiaGraves, N; Page, K; Martin, E; Brain, D; Hall, L; Campbell, M; Fulop, N; Jimmeison, N; White, K; Paterson, D; Barnett, AG
2020Cost-effectiveness of an environmental cleaning bundle for reducing healthcare associated infectionsWhite, NM; Barnett, AG; Hall, L; Mitchell, BG; Farrington, A; Halton, K; Paterson, DL; Riley, TV; Gardner, A; Page, K; Gericke, CA; Graves, N
2022-10Criteria for developing, assessing and selecting candidate EQ-5D bolt-ons.Mulhern, BJ; Sampson, C; Haywood, P; Addo, R; Page, K; Mott, D; Shah, K; Janssen, MF; Herdman, M
2019-01-01Development Of EQ-5D-5L bolt-ons for cognition and visionHaywood, P; Sampson, C; Addo, R; Herdman, M; Janssen, B; Mulhern, B; Page, K; Reardon, O; Rodes Sanchez, M; Schneider, J; Shah, K; Thetford, C
2020-02-18Effectiveness of a structured, framework-based approach to implementation: the Researching Effective Approaches to Cleaning in Hospitals (REACH) Trial.Hall, L; White, NM; Allen, M; Farrington, A; Mitchell, BG; Page, K; Halton, K; Riley, TV; Gericke, CA; Graves, N; Gardner, A
2019-04-01An environmental cleaning bundle and health-care-associated infections in hospitals (REACH): a multicentre, randomised trialMitchell, BG; Hall, L; White, N; Barnett, AG; Halton, K; Paterson, DL; Riley, TV; Gardner, A; Page, K; Farrington, A; Gericke, CA; Graves, N
2022-06-15Ethics and the co-production of knowledge.Page, K
2023-01-26Evaluating remote facilitation intensity for multi-national translation of nurse-initiated stroke protocols (QASC Australasia): a protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial.Fasugba, O; Dale, S; McInnes, E; Cadilhac, DA; Noetel, M; Coughlan, K; McElduff, B; Kim, J; Langley, T; Cheung, NW; Hill, K; Pollnow, V; Page, K; Sanjuan Menendez, E; Neal, E; Griffith, S; Christie, LJ; Slark, J; Ranta, A; Levi, C; Grimshaw, JM; Middleton, S
2022-09-01Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program – Final ReportPage, K; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kim, Y; Liu, D; Kenny, P; Van Gool, K; Viney, R
2022-04-22Evaluation of the Victorian Healthy Homes Program: protocol for a randomised controlled trial.Campbell, M; Page, K; Longden, T; Kenny, P; Hossain, L; Wilmot, K; Kelly, S; Kim, Y; Haywood, P; Mulhern, B; Goodall, S; van Gool, K; Viney, R; Cumming, T; Soeberg, M
2018-03-01Factors influencing women's decision making in hysterectomyJanda, M; Armfield, NR; Page, K; Kerr, G; Kurz, S; Jackson, G; Currie, J; Weaver, E; Yazdani, A; Obermair, A
2017-04-12Human studies: Reforms overdue for ethical reviewing.Page, L; Page, K
2013-11-25The increased risks of death and extra lengths of hospital and ICU stay from hospital-acquired bloodstream infections: A case-control studyBarnett, AG; Page, K; Campbell, M; Martin, E; Rashleigh-Rolls, R; Halton, K; Paterson, DL; Hall, L; Jimmieson, N; White, K; Graves, N