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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022-05-05Application of the novel state-of-the-art soft computing techniques for groundwater potential assessmentArabameri, A; Santosh, M; Moayedi, H; Tiefenbacher, JP; Pal, SC; Nalivan, OA; Costache, R; Ahmed, N; Hoque, MA-A; Chakrabortty, R; Cerda, A
2022-01-01Flood susceptibility mapping in Brahmaputra floodplain of Bangladesh using deep boost, deep learning neural network, and artificial neural networkAhmed, N; Hoque, MAA; Arabameri, A; Pal, SC; Chakrabortty, R; Jui, J
2020-11-01Implementation of artificial intelligence based ensemble models for gully erosion susceptibility assessmentChowdhuri, I; Pal, SC; Arabameri, A; Saha, A; Chakrabortty, R; Blaschke, T; Pradhan, B; Band, SS
2020-10-02Novel ensemble of multivariate adaptive regression spline with spatial logistic regression and boosted regression tree for gully erosion susceptibilityRoy, P; Pal, SC; Arabameri, A; Chakrabortty, R; Pradhan, B; Chowdhuri, I; Lee, S; Bui, DT
2020-09-01Novel machine learning approaches for modelling the gully erosion susceptibilityArabameri, A; Nalivan, OA; Pal, SC; Chakrabortty, R; Saha, A; Lee, S; Pradhan, B; Bui, DT
2020-10-01The use of RUSLE and GCMs to predict potential soil erosion associated with climate change in a monsoon-dominated region of eastern IndiaChakrabortty, R; Pradhan, B; Mondal, P; Pal, SC
2022-01-01Weather indicators and improving air quality in association with COVID-19 pandemic in IndiaChakrabortty, R; Pal, SC; Ghosh, M; Arabameri, A; Saha, A; Roy, P; Pradhan, B; Mondal, A; Ngo, PTT; Chowdhuri, I; Yunus, AP; Sahana, M; Malik, S; Das, B