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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012-01-01Afterword: Could heracles have gone about things differently?Pennycook, A
2012-01-01Afterword: Could heracles have gone about things differently?Pennycook, A; Bunce, P; Rapatahana, V
2018-12-31Applied linguistics as epistemic assemblagePennycook, A
2022-06-10Becoming and unbecoming Asian in SydneyOtsuji, E; Pennycook, A; Lee, JW
2015-05-01Class is Out: Erasing Social Class in Applied LinguisticsPennycook, A
2010-11-18Critical and alternative directions in applied linguisticsPennycook, A
2020-10-08Critical and Posthumanist Applied LinguisticsPennycook, A; Zacchi, V; Rocha, C
2008-01-21Critical Applied LinguisticsPennycook, A
2019-05-01Critical Applied Linguistics CommonsPennycook, A; Maciel, RF; Tilio, R; de Jesus, DM; Chaves de Barros, AL
2021-06-29Critical Applied Linguistics: A Critical Re-Introduction: Second EditionPennycook, A
2017-01-01The cultural politics of English as an international languagePennycook, A
2007-01Disinventing and reconstituting languagesMakoni, S; Pennycook, AD; Makoni, S; Pennycook, A
2015-02-11Early literacies and linguistic mobilitiesPennycook, A
2008-04-01English as a language always in translationPennycook, A
2019-04-01Extending fairness and justice in language testsPennycook, A; Shohamy, E; Roever, C; Wigglesworth, G
2017-08-08Fish, phone cards and semiotic assemblages in two Bangladeshi shops in Sydney and TokyoPennycook, A; Otsuji, E
2023-06-30From Douglas Firs to Giant Cuttlefish: Reimagining language learningPennycook, A
2021-08-01From SPEAKING to SEMIOSISPennycook, A; Oliveira, M; Almeida, RA
2019-03-20From translanguaging to translingual activismPennycook, A; Macedo, D
2010-01-01Global englishesPennycook, A