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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020-04-013D point cloud reconstruction from a single 4D light field imageFarhood, H; Perry, S; Cheng, E; Kim, J
-Adaptive Content Frame Skipping for Wyner–Ziv-Based Light Field Image CompressionPhiCong, H; Perry, S; HoangVan, X
2019-01-01Airborne Object Detection Using Hyperspectral Imaging: Deep Learning ReviewPham, TT; Takalkar, MA; Xu, M; Hoang, DT; Truong, HA; Dutkiewicz, E; Perry, S
2019Analysis of OCT Images to Optimize Glaucoma DiagnosisAkter, N; Phu, J; Perry, S; Fletcher, J; Kalloniatis, M; Roy, M
2021-01-01Automated Artifacts and Noise Removal from Optical Coherence Tomography Images Using Deep Learning TechniqueAkter, N; Perry, S; Fletcher, J; Simunovic, M; Roy, M
2020-04-02Enhanced 3D Point Cloud from a Light Field ImageFarhood, H; Perry, S; Cheng, E; Kim, J
2018-01-01Image and video noise: An industry perspectivePerry, S
2017-11-14Joint exploration model based light field image coding: A comparative studyCong, HP; Perry, S; Vu, TA; Hoang Van, X
2020-06-23JPEG PLENO: STANDARDIZING A CODING FRAMEWORK AND TOOLS FOR PLENOPTIC IMAGING MODALITIESPekka, A; da Silva Cruz, LA; da Silva, EAB; Ebrahimi, T; Freitas, PG; Gilles, A; Oh, K-J; Pagliari, C; Pereira, F; Perra, C; Perry, S; Pinheiro, AMG; Schelkens, P; Seidel, I; Tabus, I
2019A low complexity Wyner-Ziv coding solution for Light Field image transmission and storageCong, HP; HoangVan, X; Perry, S
2018-09-01A new mesh visual quality metric using saliency weighting-based pooling strategyFeng, X; Wan, W; Xu, RYD; Perry, S; Zhu, S; Liu, Z
2018Novel Disruptive Methods: Pattern Adaptations for Military StructuresMatthews, L; Perin, G; Perry, S; Bone, D; Culpepper, J
2018-08-01A novel spatial pooling method for 3D mesh quality assessment based on percentile weighting strategyFeng, X; Wan, W; Yi Da Xu, R; Perry, S; Li, P; Zhu, S
2018-12-06Pavement crack detection using convolutional neural networkNguyen, NTH; Le, TH; Perry, S; Nguyen, TT
2020-10Quality Evaluation Of Static Point Clouds Encoded Using MPEG CodecsPerry, S; Cong, HP; da Silva Cruz, LA; Prazeres, J; Pereira, M; Pinheiro, A; Dumic, E; Alexiou, E; Ebrahimi, T
2019-07-29Recall What You See Continually Using GridLSTM in Image CaptioningWu, L; Xu, M; Wang, J; Perry, S
2020-12-13Semi-supervised Convolutional Neural Networks for Flood Mapping using Multi-modal Remote Sensing DataLuu, V-H; Dao, M-S; Nguyen, TN-T; Perry, S; Zettsu, K
2019-01-13Study of Subjective and Objective Quality Evaluation of 3D Point Cloud Data by the JPEG CommitteePerry, S; Pinheiro, A; Dumic, E; da Silva Cruz, LA
2021-02-12Surface properties and the perception of colorIsherwood, ZJ; Huynh-Thu, Q; Arnison, M; Monaghan, D; Toscani, M; Perry, S; Honson, V; Kim, J