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2020-04Comparing the range of musculoskeletal therapies applied by physical therapists with postgraduate qualifications in manual therapy in patients with non-specific neck pain with international guidelines and recommendations: An observational study.Peters, R; Schmitt, MA; Verhagen, AP; Pool-Goudzwaard, AL; Mutsaers, J-HAM; Koes, BW
2023-02Identifying Patient Characteristics Associated With the Occurrence of Post Treatment Non-serious Adverse Events After Cervical Spine Manual Therapy Treatment in Patients With Neck Pain.Peters, R; Schmitt, M; Mutsaers, B; Buyl, R; Verhagen, A; Pool-Goudzwaard, A; Koes, B
2021-10-07Intergenerational Practice in the Community—What Does the Community Think?Kenning, G; Ee, N; Xu, Y; Luu, BL; Ward, SA; Goldwater, MB; Lewis, E; Radford, K; Anstey, KJ; Lautenschlager, NT; Fitzgerald, JA; Rockwood, K; Peters, R
2021-05Intergenerational Programmes bringing together community dwelling non-familial older adults and children: A Systematic Review.Peters, R; Ee, N; Ward, SA; Kenning, G; Radford, K; Goldwater, M; Dodge, HH; Lewis, E; Xu, Y; Kudrna, G; Hamilton, M; Peters, J; Anstey, KJ; Lautenschlager, NT; Fitzgerald, A; Rockwood, K
2022-10Non-serious adverse events do not influence recovery in patients with neck pain treated with manual therapy; an observational study.Peters, R; van Trijffel, E; van Rosmalen, J; Mutsaers, B; Pool-Goudzwaard, A; Verhagen, A; Koes, B
2020-10-28Recovery expectations of neck pain patients do not predict treatments outcome in manual therapy.Mutsaers, J-HAM; Pool-Goudzwaard, AL; Peters, R; Koes, BW; Verhagen, AP