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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014-01-01Australian reptiles and their conservationWebb, JK; Harlow, PS; Pike, DA
2011-08-01Chainsawing for conservation: Ecologically informed tree removal for habitat managementPike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2009-06-01Chemical cues from both dangerous and nondangerous snakes elicit antipredator behaviours from a nocturnal lizardWebb, JK; Du, WG; Pike, DA; Shine, R
2013-04-01Forest-fire regimes affect thermoregulatory opportunities for terrestrial ectothermsElzer, AL; Pike, DA; Webb, JK; Hammill, K; Bradstock, RA; Shine, R
2011-12-01Genetic connectivity among populations of an endangered snake species from southeastern Australia (Hoplocephalus bungaroides, Elapidae)Dubey, S; Sumner, J; Pike, DA; Keogh, JS; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2012-06-12Habitat selection in a rocky landscape: Experimentally decoupling the influence of retreat site attributes from that of landscape featuresCroak, BM; Pike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2012-04-01Hot mothers, cool eggs: Nest-site selection by egg-guarding spiders accommodates conflicting thermal optimaPike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2020-08-01Life history of the coppertail skink (Ctenotus taeniolatus)in southeastern australiaPike, DA; Roznik, EA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2010-01-01Olfactory recognition of predators by nocturnal lizards: Safety outweighs thermal benefitsWebb, JK; Pike, DA; Shine, R
2008-11-01Population ecology of the velvet gecko, Oedura lesueurii in south eastern Australia: Implications for the persistence of an endangered snakeWebb, JK; Pike, DA; Shine, R
2010-01-01Predicting the impact of climate change on Australia's most endangered snake, Hoplocephalus bungaroidesPenman, TD; Pike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2011-01-01Removing forest canopy cover restores a reptile assemblagePike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2012-09-01Reply to comment on 'chainsawing for conservation: Ecologically informed tree removal for habitat management'Pike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2011-09-01Social and thermal cues influence nest-site selection in a nocturnal gecko, Oedura lesueuriiPike, DA; Webb, JK; Andrews, RM
2010-08-01Subtle - but easily reversible - anthropogenic disturbance seriously degrades habitat quality for rock-dwelling reptilesPike, DA; Croak, BM; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2008-12-01Three-dimensional crevice structure affects retreat site selection by reptilesCroak, BM; Pike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R
2010-07-01Using artificial rocks to restore nonrenewable shelter sites in human-degraded systems: Colonization by faunaCroak, BM; Pike, DA; Webb, JK; Shine, R